Is your Medical Practice utilizing the Auto-Payment Posting option?

Payment Posting is an important part of Medical Billing Process. It aids in identifying billing errors before sending statements to patients. This process can be time consuming and is easily prone to human errors. To prevent this, Medical Practices are shifting towards Automatic Payment Posting.

Automatic Payment Posting

Auto-payment posting streamlines claim processing by automating payment posting through software. The software automatically posts ERAs without manual intervention.

While filling claims manually, the chances of making a mistake in the data entry are high. Review claims before submission to avoid denials and revenue delays.

Benefits of Auto-Payment Posting

Auto-Payment posting helps avoid the burden of copying payers EOB manually. It gives the practice staff more time for their core business operations. It also eliminates the chances of typos or other such data errors. It enables quicker posting and fast tracks the claim life cycle.

  • Helps deal with accounting more accurately.
  • No need for specialized trained staff for payment posting.
  • Auto payment posting saves time and prevents human errors.
  • Billing software syncs payment posting with accounting software, simplifying ERA integration.
  • Auto payment posting provides payment details to identify and correct underpayments.

Rising accounting discrepancies from manual payment posting harm the billing process:

Coordination errors between primary and secondary insurers slow billing.

Incorrect patient statements lead to unsatisfied/angry clients

Inconsistent AR management due to resubmission of errored claims

Increase in costs incurred by effort to get wrong debt from patients

Inaccurate patient statements erode trust in the practice.

Here are some statistics that further elaborates the importance of auto-payment posting!

80% of US medical bills contain errors due to manual entry

The average hospital bill over $10,000 has $1,300 in error.


Poor billing practices cause doctors in the US to lose an estimated $125 billion each year.


77% of providers say it takes more than a month to collect payment due to the manual work required.

(Healthleaders Media)

Full e-transactions could save healthcare $20B annually, a 48% reduction.


Millennials prefer better payment experiences over Boomers.


Automation transforms healthcare, but some worry that over-reliance causes missed gains and errors. It also offers efficiency, effectiveness, speed, and ease.

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