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Expert Solutions for Maximum Reimbursement

Molecular and genetic testing have revolutionized diagnosis and personalized medicine. However, for many providers, molecular testing billing remains frustrating and complex. Claims face issues due to outdated contracts, changing policies, and complex codes.

Surveys show that nearly 40% of molecular testing claims are initially denied.

How AltuMED Stands Out

Our: 20+ years specializing in molecular billing, unmatched expertise for today's challenges. Our molecular billing team masters CPT codes, modifiers, and payer policies. We merge expertise with tech to boost billing accuracy and efficiency.

The result? First-pass claims payment rates average over 90% for our molecular billing clients.

Our Laboratory Billing Expertise Spans

Biological Labs

Anatomic Pathology

Cancer Genomics

Clinical Toxicology



An Expert Billing Partner

Managing molecular billing services in-house can be an uphill battle. The evolving landscape demands costly, hard-to-retain staff. We provide that expertise through an economic outsourcing model.

Our knowledgeable team is with you every step of the way to:

Provide ongoing consultations and advice to maximize your revenue

Research and resolve rejected claims quickly and efficiently

Advise on the best molecular tests to order based on payer policies in your region

Amend existing contracts and negotiate new ones to improve coverage

Keep your staff informed and compliant with current billing practices

With Altumed, your molecular tests are billed accurately and paid promptly.

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