Expert Solutions for Optimized Cash Flow

Timely insurance payments are vital for clinics & rehab facilities; mishandling billing causes issues. AltuMED offers tailored end-to-end PT revenue cycle management. Our billing experts handle claims and payments, letting you focus on therapy.

Discover how we drive maximum reimbursement for outpatient rehab facilities across the country.

Our Billing Expertise Spans

Clinical Toxicology

Anatomic Pathology

Cancer Genomics

Molecular Diagnostics



Optimizing Reimbursement Through Payer Expertise

Effective therapy reimbursement demands staying current on payer contracts and policies. By staying updated on insurer guidelines, we ensure accurate claims and prevent underpayments.

We use payer relationships to maximize reimbursements through proper documentation and tailored submissions. Our efficient appeals process consistently recovers 20–30% of initially denied claims.

Experience the Difference of Billing Done Right

Our billing experts are trusted extensions of your financial team. Explore our tailored revenue cycle solution for enhanced cash flow & reduced administrative workload.

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