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Reimburse Confidently With AltuMED Your Ophthalmic Billing Partner

At AltuMED, we prioritize timely, accurate billing for ophthalmology practices. With 15+ years in medical billing, we provide tailored ophthalmology billing solutions.

Our Billing Expertise Spans

Clinical Toxicology

Anatomic Pathology

Genomics Cancer

Molecular Diagnostics



Securing Revenue with Denial Prevention

Medical Necessity Validation:

Our experts meticulously review each claim for precise medical justification. There is no room for doubt, no room for denial.

Seamless Claim Editing:

We meticulously review each claim, catching and correcting discrepancies before raising red flags.

Preemptive Communication:

We proactively engage with payers to address issues before claim submission.

We protect your finances so you can focus on exceptional patient care.

Data Demystified, Revenue Maximized

Denial Prevention:

There is no more mystery behind denials. Identifying root causes like documentation gaps & coding errors will enhance billing & reduce denials.

Financial Granularity:

Explore revenue by payer, test type, provider, and even referral source. Identify financial strengths and target areas for improvement.

Receivables Optimized:

Aging accounts become a distant memory with our clear aging reports. Identify overdue payments and prioritize collections, ensuring your cash flow flows smoothly.

Experience ophthalmology billing done right!

Get in touch to learn more about our end-to-end solution.

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