Revolutionize Your Clinical Lab Billing with AltuMED

AltuMED is your trusted partner in clinical Laboratory Billing Services. We know navigating medical billing for labs can be tough. Insurance rules, compliance, and revenue optimization can seem like an endless maze. That's where AltuMED comes in, streamlining billing, ensuring compliance, and maximizing revenue.

  • Your Medical Billing Allies
  • Compliance with CMS Billing Rules & Regulations
Your Medical Billing Allies

Your Medical Billing Allies

Billing for clinical labs requires precision and compliance with insurance rules and regulations. Our advanced scrubbers ensure your claims meet requirements. Here's how we help you stay ahead:

We seamlessly integrate with your LIS for efficient, secure data transfer.

Even with manual data, our automation ensures fast, accurate claim creation.

We integrate with your LIS at no cost to you, ensuring the shortest possible turnaround time.

We offer detailed revenue comparisons for informed decision-making.

Our analysis pinpoints revenue gaps, helping you seize missed opportunities.

We evaluate service performance and payor interactions to optimize your billing strategy.

We analyze for accurate coding, CMS compliance, and maximum reimbursement.

We assist in understanding individual test costs to make informed pricing decisions.

Our analysis offers insights into individual account performance, aiding in the identification of improvement.

Compliance with CMS Billing Rules & Regulations

Compliance with CMS Billing Rules & Regulations

AltuMED is your partner in staying compliant with CMS billing rules and regulations. Here's how we ensure your lab remains on the right side of compliance:

We keep your lab's credentials updated with insurers, reducing claim denial risks.

We provide insights into new and upcoming insurance plans, helping you stay ahead of the game.

Our 24/7 user-friendly reports provide transparency into your lab's finances.

Our dashboards offer trends, comparisons, and insights into your lab billing activity.

We track AR buckets at 30, 60, 90, and 120+ days with percentages, giving you a clear picture of your revenue pipeline.

We facilitate smooth front-back office communication for efficiency and traceability.

We process tens of thousands of claims daily, capturing all revenue opportunities.

Our advanced scrubber ensures clean claims, speeding up cash flow.

We offer an eligibility verification tool to ensure cleaner claims and reduce denials.

Our Denial Control module prioritizes effective resolution for improved revenue capture.

We leverage technology to manage patient accounts effectively, enhancing your financial performance.

Elevating Revenue Cycle Management

Highlights That Set Us Apart

Billions of Dollars Collected

AltuMED has collected over $2 billion in revenue for clinical labs.

Improved A/R Collection Cycle

We consistently outperform the national average in lab accounts receivable collection cycles.

13 Years

of Service

With 13 years of dedicated service, we meet your unique billing needs with expertise.



AltuMED can integrate with the LIS of your choice, ensuring compatibility and efficiency.

Real-Time Eligibility Tool

Our automated claims processing and real-time eligibility verification tool enhance billing accuracy.

Credentialing Support

We offer compliance expertise, ensuring proper lab credentialing with organizations like COLA & CLIA.

Financial Transparency & Reports

AltuMED provides transparent finances and detailed reports to track lab performance.

At AltuMED, we revolutionize lab billing with tech, compliance, & commitment to your success. Partner with us for optimized billing, revenue potential, and financial transparency. Contact us today to take your Laboratory Billing Services to the next level.

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