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Expert Solutions for Timely, Accurate Reimbursement

For hospitals, receiving timely and accurate reimbursement is crucial for smooth operations and providing quality patient care. However, medical billing intricacies like changing payer requirements, claim denials, and recovering lost revenue can hinder reimbursement. This diverts focus from patients to administrative hassles.

  • End-to-End Billing
  • Expertise and Contract Management
  • Denial Prevention and Recovery
End-to-End Billing

End-to-End Billing Tailored for Hospitals

We seamlessly integrate with your Laboratory Information System (LIS) through secure channels, enabling efficient data transfer while maintaining data security.

Coding hospital procedures properly using CPTs, DRGs, and ICD guidelines.

Scrubbing claims to prevent rejections and denials.

Rapid electronic submission to all your contracted payers.

Following up and appealing claims to maximize reimbursement.

Posting payments and generating patient invoices.

AltuMED conducts thorough analysis to ensure accurate coding, compliance with CMS guidelines, and maximum reimbursement.

Expertise and Contract Management

Compliance with CMS Billing Rules & Regulations

Utilizing payer-specific submission platforms and protocols.

Maintaining compliant coding and documentation.

Meeting pre-authorization and pre-certification requirements.

Denial Prevention and Recovery

Denial Prevention and Recovery

Medical necessity for hospital services.

Appropriate length of stay.

Correct coding based on documentation.

Payer-specific authorization requirements.

At AltuMED, we provide expert solutions for timely, accurate reimbursement to hospitals. Join us in our mission to enhance the professional development and recognition of the medical services profession through education and advocacy. Together, we can ensure healthcare quality and patient safety.

Verifying Patient Insurance Eligibility

Verifying patient insurance eligibility and coverage is a critical step in the billing process. It ensures that the services provided are covered by the patient's insurance plan, reducing the risk of claim denials and ensuring timely and accurate reimbursement.

Coding Hospital Procedures

Accurate coding of hospital billing services procedures is essential for proper billing and reimbursement. Adhering to CPT, DRG, and ICD guidelines ensures that the services rendered are appropriately documented and billed, reducing the risk of claim denials and supporting accurate financial reporting.

Scrubbing Claims

Scrubbing claims involves a thorough review of billing data to identify and correct errors before submission. This process helps prevent claim rejections and denials, ensuring that claims are processed and reimbursed on time.

Rapid Electronic Submission

Utilizing rapid electronic submission processes expedites the delivery of claims to contracted payers. This accelerates the reimbursement process, reducing the time between service delivery and payment receipt.

Following Up

Diligent follow-up and appeals processes are essential for maximizing reimbursement. This involves tracking the status of submitted claims, identifying denials, and pursuing appeals to ensure that all eligible services are properly reimbursed.

Posting Payments

Timely and accurate posting of payments and generation of patient invoices are critical for maintaining financial transparency and patient accountability. This process supports accurate accounting and patient billing.

Providing Customizable Analytics

Customizable analytics provide valuable insights into billing performance, allowing for the identification of trends, areas for improvement, and opportunities to optimize the revenue cycle management process.



AltuMED with their efficient AR management have made us stress free. 70% of our non clinical burden have been taken care off now. I am impressed by their 360 grasp on our billing needs. It gives me more time to attend to my patients.

Dr. Pujara Chandrakant

Michigan Cardiology Associates, Wayne, Michigan

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