Trusted Partner in Medical Billing Excellence

AltuMED is a healthcare innovator that provides client-centered service. Empowering medical providers with unparalleled support in navigating billing and healthcare IT shifts.

Partner with us in transitioning to value-based healthcare. We prioritize exceptional service, user-friendliness, and interoperability in modern healthcare. Our forward-thinking approach focuses on continuous learning and workflow enhancement for upcoming changes. With a decade of expertise, streamlined processes, and cutting-edge RCM technology. Our partnership sets performance benchmarks and fosters a metrics-driven approach for optimal outcomes.

Our expert team delivers premium services and tailored, cutting-edge products.

We offer a comprehensive solution range, including:

Fee Schedule Analysis

Accounts Receivable Management

Extensive Insurance Follow-up

Coding Based on LCD to Reduce Medicare Denials

Eligibility and Benefit Verification

HIPAA-trained Resources

Authorization Request and Tracking

Dual levels of Quality Control to Minimize Errors

Provider Enrollment Assistance

Patient Statement Mailing

Insurance and Payment Posting

Esponsive Patient Billing Query Handling

We offer comprehensive business intelligence and analytics for your success.

Our Services Encompass a Diverse Array of Healthcare Entities

Partner with AltuMED for unparalleled innovation, expertise, & commitment to fuel your growth & excellence.

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