From Fee for Service to Fee for Value....

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6 Reasons you should use e-Statements to streamline your Medical Billing...

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What should a Medical Practice know about Obesity Counselling & MNT Billing?...

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Why is Credentialing and Enrollment important for your Medical Practice? 

Outsourced Medical Billing or In-House Medical Billing, which approach is better? – a Mega Debate 

Top Rated Medical Billing Service Companies in Michigan, USA 

In-House Medical Billing Vs Outsourced Medical Billing – A Mega Debate 

5 Recurring Reasons for Denials in Laboratory Claims 

Latest Medicare Physician Fee Schedule Rule Cuts Down Payment Rates – A concerning fact for Medical Billers and Coders 

What to look for in your Medical Billing Reports, to understand the recurringly high Account Receivable (AR) Rate? 

What changes in MIPS framework should Medical Coders and Medical Billers expect in 2023? 

Are you maintaining the Credentialing and Enrollment Status? 

Is your Medical Practice utilizing the Auto-Payment Posting option? 

A review at what was included in 2022 HIPAA compliance checklist? 

Did you Audit your Medical Billing Performance lately? If not, this is the right time to get it done! 

Understanding Carotid Angiography Bundling Intricacies and Coding Hierarchies 

Benefits of automating your Medical Billing Process 

What changes will 2023 bring in E/M Coding? An overview for Medical Billers and Medical Coders 

A Medical Practitioner is responsible for their Patient’s health but is that possible without considering their Medical Practice’s financial performance? 

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