From Fee for Service to Fee for Value....

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6 Reasons you should use e-Statements to streamline your Medical Billing...

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How to Stay Compliant in today’s Competitive Medical.. 

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A Medical Practitioner is responsible for their Patient’s health but is that possible without considering their Medical Practice’s financial performance? 

Medical Billing Performance Audit for your Medical Practice – Download your template here! 

How to avoid issues a Medical Biller might face while bundling codes for Laboratory tests and panels? 

How can a Practice Management Software help a Medical Practice delight its Patients, into building long term, profitable relationships? 

How does Charge lag time effect the Medical Billing Process? 

What should a Medical Practice know about Obesity Counselling & MNT Billing? 

How important is Digital Marketing for Medical Practice’s overall Business Growth? 

What is the latest Electrophysiology Code Bundling update that a Medical Coder needs to be aware of? 

Conduct systematic Medical Billing Performance Audits to keep your Medical Practice Healthy! 

What is the future of a Medical Billing and Practice Management Software with the advent of Artificial Intelligence? 

What is the correct way of using Medical Service Modifiers for flawless Medical Billing? 

Five tips to improve coding for Cardiovascular Stress Testing 

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