Accelerate Reimbursement With Biological Labs Billing Services

For clinical laboratories and pathology groups, receiving timely and accurate payments is crucial. Yet medical billing can be extremely complex, requiring extensive payer knowledge & structured follow-ups.

AltuMED offers comprehensive billing services for biological labs. Our experts handle the billing process, letting you focus on testing.

Our Biological Billing Expertise Spans

Clinical Toxicology

Anatomic Pathology

Cancer Genomics



Molecular Diagnostics

Why Choose AltuMED for Your Biological Labs Billing?

AltuMED has specialized in lab billing for over 10 years, maximizing revenue performance.

Laser Focus on Labs

We provide billing services exclusively for laboratories and pathology groups. Our focus enables us to stay updated on trends & payer requirements affecting labs. Our billing experts understand the nuances of getting lab claims paid quickly & accurately.

Optimized for Your Specific Lab

AltuMED takes the time to understand the unique needs of your laboratory. We tailor solutions to your lab's test mix, referral networks, contracted payers, & more. This tailored approach ensures your lab receives optimal reimbursement.

End-to-End Support

We don't hand off any part of your billing process. AltuMED provides complete in-house management, from claim generation through payment posting and reporting. This unified approach delivers the best results.

Unmatched Analytics

Our business intelligence platform provides unparalleled visibility into your lab's revenue cycle performance. Dive into key metrics and uncover optimization opportunities.

Client-Focused Service

Our experts become an extension of your administrative team. We provide high-touch support and proactive recommendations to improve laboratory billing operations. Your success is our top priority.

Trust AltuMED to maximize reimbursement, accelerate cash flow, & strengthen your lab's bottom line. Discover why we're the top medical billing partner for over 500 labs nationwide.

Keep Your Lab Humming

Prompt, accurate payments keep your lab running smoothly. Our billing services ensure seamless revenue cycles for biological labs. Outsource billing to us and accelerate reimbursement for your lab.

Experience billing done right!

Get in touch to learn more about our end-to-end solution.

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