Unlocking Your MIPS Success

Medical Practices often feel overwhelmed by the ever-changing landscape of MIPS requirements. At AltuMED, we excel at helping practices surpass MIPS Registry Service requirements. Let us elevate your compliance effortlessly. In 2023, 60 points on your MIPS Score will be the minimum to avoid penalties. Stay compliant and avoid negative consequences with our help.

Navigating the Regulatory Maze

According to a CMS research report

86% of practices feel burdened by regulations, and 96% seek reductions. AltuMED boosts reimbursement by +9% & prevents Medicare adjustments by -9%, setting you apart.

Experts ensure MIPS score readiness year-round with deep CMS knowledge. Interpreting and implementing changing guidelines with annual penalties for non-compliance is challenging.

Maximizing Your Performance Metrics

We excel in meeting and exceeding your MIPS Registry Services requirements. Our case studies show a 100% penalty avoidance rate and 98% customer satisfaction. Simplifying the MIPS Registry Service enables focus on patient care.

Our technological platform offers progressive RCM solutions, providing clear and analytical data dashboards. The practice portal reveals service quality gaps that are causing revenue losses. The patient portal fosters transparent communication, enhancing profitability.

Your Partner in MIPS Compliance

As a 2023 CMS Certified MIPS Registry, we support your success. Our consultants assess gaps, guide requirements, offer analytics, monitor returns, and customize RCM solutions.

Our services include:

End-to-End MIPS Management

Score-Improving Consulting

Data Submission to CMS

Training and Coaching

Don't settle for a billing company that treats you merely as a client. At AltuMED, we consider you a business partner.



AltuMED with their efficient AR management have made us stress free. 70% of our non clinical burden have been taken care off now. I am impressed by their 360-grasp on our billing needs. It gives me more time to attend to my patients

Dr. Pujara Chandrakant

Michigan Cardiology Associates, Wayne, Michigan

Discover AltuMED's Comprehensive MIPS Services

Data Analysis

MIPS Reporting Analysis

Consolidation of Data

Data Submission

Co-submission Support

Measure Selection

Submission Channel Selection

Audit Support


Success Rate

Select AltuMED, your MIPS management firm, with a 99.5% audit success rate. Committed to your MIPS success, ensuring compliance, and exceeding requirements. Join us in achieving excellence in MIPS and securing your practice's financial stability. Partner with AltuMED today!

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