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Expertise in Overcoming Unique Billing Challenges

Accurate, timely reimbursement is vital for quality cancer care in oncology practices. Oncology billing requires expertise due to complex coding, costly tests, and evolving regulations.

AltuMED provides customized oncology billing solutions tailored to unique reimbursement needs. Our dedicated teams help practices maximize appropriate reimbursement while reducing administrative burden.

Discover how our oncology billing boosts cash flow for top cancer centers nationwide.

Simplifying the Oncology Billing Journey

We understand the patient journey, from initial cancer diagnosis to treatment to survivorship. Our integrated billing aligns with the specific workflows and operations of oncology settings.

AltuMED ensures a smooth revenue cycle, enabling staff to focus on patients.

Our Billing Expertise Spans

Clinical Toxicology

Anatomic Pathology

Cancer Genomics

Molecular Diagnostics



Custom Solutions for Every Oncology Setting

Customized oncology solutions with ongoing specialist training on reimbursement essentials. Preventing errors, reducing denials, and maximizing reimbursements from all payers.

By tailoring billing strategies to your oncology specialization, our flexible platforms integrate smoothly with top EHRs and practice management solutions, and our experts become trusted extensions of your team.

Let AltuMED manage oncology billing while you focus on top-notch cancer care.

Contact us today to learn more and improve reimbursement.

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