Expert Solutions for Streamlined Healthcare Operations

For medical professionals & healthcare institutions, the credentialing process can be complex, tedious, & time-consuming. Meeting strict requirements takes focus away from patients and day-to-day operations.

AltuMED offers comprehensive credentialing services designed around your needs. Our experts manage verification, compliance, & quality assurance, allowing you to prioritize patient care.

Here's how we achieve these goals

  • End-to-End Credentialing
  • Customized Services for Organization
  • The AltuMED Difference
End-to-End Credentialing

End-to-End Credentialing Expertise

Verify medical credentials and qualifications with sources

Confirm the authenticity of licenses, certifications, and other documentation

Thoroughly assess the credentials of healthcare professionals

Ensure appropriate privileges to perform services

Evaluate quality of care through medical record reviews

Identify areas for improvement via interdisciplinary teams

Track completion of CEUs and professional development

Confirm professionals stay updated on the latest advancements

Assist in developing credentialing policies and processes

Ensure compliance with relevant regulations and standards

Customized Services for Organization

Customized Services for Every Organization

Specific medical specialties require credentialing

Number of professionals requiring verification

Accreditations and regulatory standards to meet

Institutional credentialing committee preferences

Workflows and processes are already in place

Key metrics needing tracking and oversight

The AltuMED Difference

The AltuMED Difference

Increased efficiency through streamlined processes

Reduced administrative workload for your staff

Scalable solutions serve organizations of all sizes

Unmatched healthcare operations expertise

Ongoing support adapting to your changing requirements

We are dedicated to providing expert solutions for streamlined healthcare operations. Our credentialing services prioritize patient care. We manage verification, compliance, & quality assurance, letting you focus on what matters.

Credentialing Services

Our comprehensive Credentialing & Contracting Service ensures your practice meets all requirements. Our team manages verification, compliance, & quality assurance, allowing you to prioritize patient care.

Credentialing & Enrollment

Our team offers crucial credentialing and enrollment services for competitive & safe practice. We prioritize a seamless process to support your practice's growth.

AltuMED Credentialing Services Includes

Credentialing and Contracting


Contract Negotiation

State License Renewal

CAQH Maintenance

NPPES Enumeration


Insurance Portal Creation

Insurance Portal Creation



AltuMED with their efficient AR management have made us stress free. 70% of our non clinical burden have been taken care off now. I am impressed by their 360-grasp on our billing needs. It gives me more time to attend to my patients.

Dr. Pujara Chandrakant

Michigan Cardiology Associates, Wayne, Michigan

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