Serving Medical Practices and Labs

Redefining Excellence in Physician Billing Services

AltuMED provides relief for physicians tangled in medical billing complexity. With a decade of experience, we lead with cutting-edge technology. In addressing physician needs, we stand out for our comprehensive services & commitment to KPIs & transparency in projects.

Setting a New Standard for Physician Billing Excellence

We're dedicated to transforming your medical billing experience & simplifying its complexities. Physicians juggle administrative tasks, coding challenges, and errors, detracting from patient care. Ever-changing regulations add uncertainty, testing even seasoned professionals. Claim rejections divert physicians' time, impacting revenue flow. Delayed reimbursements strain financial stability, curtailing investments in practice growth. High admin costs cut earnings, & lack of transparency leaves physicians uninformed about payments.

AltuMED: Your Shield Against Physician Billing Woes

Our meticulous workflow is an antidote to these pain points. We manage real-time revenue, covering data, claims, denials, patient AR, compliance, and audits. We grasp physicians' tech challenges, reducing errors affecting revenue cycles. Our precision eliminates billing errors, building trust with patients. We exist to relieve physicians of burdens that distract from patient care. We empower and transform, whether in-house or outsourced, standard processes or follow-ups. We prevent revenue loss with meticulous billing, ensuring fair compensation. We educate physicians on billing complexities, preventing errors and non-compliance.

Accelerating Cashflow, Maximizing Revenue

Our prowess in accelerating cash flow is unmatched. Daily e-claims, accurate billing, precise coding, & shorter A/R days enhance financial health. ERAs, proactive claims follow-up, and quick denials/appeals resolution are our specialties.

Unleash the Power of Revenue Increase

We engineer revenue growth with an unwavering focus. Our proficient billers and certified coders ensure maximum reimbursement. Regular fee schedule analysis facilitates informed decisions through strategic market comparisons. Updating credentialing and reducing A/R days lead to financial prosperity.

  • Transparency: Our Hallmark
  • Collaboration at Its Finest
Transparency: Our Hallmark

Transparency: Our Hallmark

Transparency is etched into every facet of our service. Real-time claim status, KPI insights, and seamless communication uphold our commitment to transparency.

Activity Measuring Reports

Activity Audit and Reconciliation Reports

Real-time Claim Status

Printable in Excel and PDF

Practice PAL Mobile App

Intelligent Reports across areas such as patients, Claims, AR, Payments and Denials

Collaboration at Its Finest

Collaboration at Its Finest

AltuMED's Practice Portal and CoLab foster collaboration between your billing team & front-office staff. It's a harmonious symphony that uplifts efficiency and drives results.

Collaboration with digitally traceable communication between front and backend

Efficient, error-free workflow

Connects billing team with the front office for a smooth RCM process

Improves independent RCM data reconciliation

Answer back-office queries and ask yours

Leveraging Technology for Success

Our technology-driven denial and AR management is your secret weapon. AltuMED's Practice Portal Reporting offers simple, efficient insights into your practice's financial health.

Your Pain Points, Our Purpose

Why do we exist? Because we understand the pain points of medical providers. We revolutionize revenue cycle management to ease your challenges. Let us help you restore your focus on patient care while we handle the rest.

At AltuMED, excellence is our foundation for better healthcare management.


Why should you choose AltuMED as your medical billing services company?

Over 700 million dollars collected

The A/R collection cycle is substantially better than the national average

13 years of services

Multi-specialty experience

HIPAA Compliant

Certified Coders

Experienced Staff

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