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Accelerating Reimbursement For Your Pathology Lab

AltuMED understands the complexities of billing for pathology labs. We have over 10 years of exclusive experience serving clinical laboratories like yours. Our billing experts excel at maximizing reimbursement and reducing denials in pathology labs. We stay current on protocols, guidelines, and payer requirements for pathology services nationwide.

We handle billing and collections, so you can focus on testing and results. Our unified approach delivers accelerated reimbursement, reduced administrative burden, and improved financial performance.

We offer a customized billing solution for pathology labs and groups. Our comprehensive services include:

Scrubbing claims to prevent rejections and denials

Utilizing payer-specific submission processes

Validating medical necessity for services

Appealing improper claim denials

Custom reporting for revenue cycle visibility

Why AltuMED?

Pathology Billing Specialists

Our 15+ years experienced experts track pathology reimbursement trends in lab billing.

Tailored for Your Lab

We customize our solutions based on your lab's needs—tests, contracts, network, and more. This ensures optimal reimbursement.

End-to-End Support

Our in-house team provides complete support, from claim generation through payment and reporting. A unified approach gets results.

Cutting-Edge Analytics

Our BI reporting provides unparalleled visibility into your revenue cycle performance. Optimize based on data insights.

White-Glove Service

Our billing experts offer dedicated support for your pathology laboratory's success.

Trust AltuMED to strengthen your lab's financial performance. Contact us to experience the difference.

Pathology Billing Done Right

Timely payments are crucial for keeping pathology labs running efficiently. Pathology Labs Billing Services handles your entire revenue cycle so testing moves smoothly.

Outsource billing to us and accelerate reimbursement for your lab. Experience billing done right!

Get in touch to learn more about our end-to-end pathology lab billing solution.

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