Expertise in Overcoming Complex Reimbursement Challenges

Infectious disease specialists manage coding, denial rates, and payer contracts for reimbursement. Without proper revenue cycle management, providers lose hard-earned revenue.

AltuMED offers tailored infectious disease billing services, prioritizing patient care. Discover how we simplify revenue cycle processes for top ID practices nationwide.

By preventing issues upfront and expediting payments, we accelerate cash flow.

Our Billing Expertise Spans

Clinical Toxicology

Anatomic Pathology

Cancer Genomics

Molecular Diagnostics



Deep Knowledge of Intricate Coding and Contracts

Our ID billing teams train rigorously to stay current with coding and payer policies. This allows us to optimize documentation, code accurately, and secure maximum justified reimbursement.

Longstanding payer relationships further validate our efforts - enabling collaborative contract optimization.

Mitigating Denials Through Prevention and Recovery

We analyze denials extensively to validate documentation and proactively prevent them. Our appeals process recovers 20–30% of denied claims.

This balances preventing future denials with recovering hard-earned revenue.

Accelerate Infectious Disease Reimbursement

Partner with billing specialists focused on the unique needs of infectious disease reimbursement. AltuMED prevents denials, speeds payments, and supports practice growth. Experience the difference in billing done right!

Experience the difference of billing done right!

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