Expert Solutions for Seamless Nephrology Billing Services

Nephrology practices face payment challenges due to complex coding, payer contracts, and denials. Without proper revenue cycle management, Nephrology groups lose hard-earned revenue to administrative headaches.

AltuMED optimizes nephrology billing services, letting you focus on exceptional care. Discover how we simplify nephrology revenue cycle processes for top practices nationwide.

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Providing an Integrated Nephrology Practice Management System

There are a lot of dialysis billing companies around, but finding one that stays updated with compliance changes and payer requirements can be a challenge. At Altumed, our team receives ongoing training so they stay up to date on the ever-changing medical billing codes and requirements. The following are just a few of the reasons you need an experienced team of specialists providing your nephrology medical billing services:

Bundled Codes

For surgery and other complex treatments, payers have "bundled" multiple items into one billing code. In theory, this simplifies billing, but there are often exceptions to the standard inclusions. Not only must these be coded separately but they must also be coded in a way that makes the necessity of each one clear; otherwise, it will be denied as a duplicate bill.

Higher Level Diagnoses And Treatments

By the time a patient is seen by a nephrologist, they are likely to have seen a general practitioner and other specialists and may have a history of previous kidney disease. Specialist's examinations and treatments tend to be higher-level, more involved processes, which require more detailed coding. This makes it important to have billers and coders who are experienced in the specialization to ensure there is no lost revenue due to overlooked details.

Multiple Doctors Involved in Treatment

Surgery and other complex treatments involve more than one physician and an assortment of medical support staff, who may each be part of a different medical organization. In these cases, the coding must clearly describe what kind of facility was used, and the specific role of each physician, or not all of them will be compensated.

Outsource Your Nephrology Medical Billing to Us and Increase Your Revenue

Altumed handles all phases of RCM, but our clients have the option to choose which aspects they wish to outsource. Our nephrology revenue cycle management services are fully customizable to fit your needs, but we highly recommend outsourcing coding and billing at a minimum.

Innovative Approach to Medical Billing

We have an innovative approach to medical billing, and our nephrology EMR software makes coding simple and keeps the system up to date with all the latest code changes and payer requirements. Unresolved claim issues are a huge source of lost revenue for many medical organizations, and having our experienced medical billers manage your claims and collections guarantees cash flow improvement.

Say Goodbye to Administrative Burdens

Our nephrology billing is far more extensive than just medical billing and coding. We invite you to browse our website to find out more about the ways we can support and protect your revenue. Give us a call today to see how our medical billing and management services can take on the administrative burden so you can get back to focusing on patient care.

Optimized Reimbursement Through Contract Expertise

Proper nephrology billing requires expertise in specialty payer contracts and changing protocols. Our teams secure maximum reimbursement through precise documentation, coding, and submissions.

Mitigating Improper Denials & Maximizing Appeals

Extensive denial analysis allows us to validate documentation and prevent most denials proactively. Our appeals process recovers 20-30% of denied claim amounts efficiently.

Let AltuMED Handle Intricate Billing Intricacies

Simplifying nephrology reimbursement requires niche expertise and advanced technology. We aim to prevent denials, speed up payments, and keep your nephrology practice running smoothly.

Partner with the leaders in billing for kidney care—it's billing done right!

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