Converge Your Revenue Cycle

Into A Predictable, Synchronized

And Measurable Progression

Maintaining Prominence, Practicing Excellence

Revenue Cycle Management landscape is evolving, bringing with it, inevitable changes in compliance regulations, patient consumerism trends as well as an escalation in demand for process automation, keeping businesses on their toes. Lengthy, cyclic, time consuming processes are expected to be transformed to efficient and effective solutions.

Synchronization, automation and prediction will symbolize the hallmarks of modern RCM systems. AltuMED with its deep AI&ML capabilities understands the need of the evolving times and have the cutting edge technological platform with the promise of fulfilling the needs of a futuristic RCM platform.

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AltuMED's RCM Gear System: Integrated eligibility verification, claim processing, denial management, reporting, AR follow-up, payment posting, and patient statements for an efficient workflow.

Accelerate RCM Success

AltuMED is that exclusive piece of rotator that a company requires when dealing with healthcare RCM market to keep their business rolling. Our 10 years of comprehensive medical billing experience have made us understand what exactly is that an RCM business require to shorten AR days, prevent denials and increase revenue. AltuMED, being a leader as it is, has moved towards automation of its processes thus maintaining an edge over competitors with its advanced technological platform, time tested work flows and ground breaking AI and RPA capacities.

Who We Serve?

Medical Practices

Get onboard and allow AltuMED's efficient, user friendly and cost saving solutions that best fit your set up, leaving you to what matters the most - healthcare!

Healthcare Systems

Enable your teams with technologically advanced, productive and cost efficient solutions that can help grow the business in this ever evolving RCM landscape.

Medical Billing Companies

Deliver transparent and applaud worthy RCM solutions to your clients with AltuMED's progressive technological tools, excellent front to back office collaboration and in depth productivity analysis.

Discover progressive RCM with AltuMED

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Quality Compliance

Embrace quality programs and stay well informed as per changing CMS regulations.

Patient Financial Concurrence

Prevent surprise bills and cater to patient payment needs beyond expectations.

Claim Management

Automate the submission and verification of claims with prevention and reduction in denials via technologically advanced tools

Practice Management

Utilize our processes and technologies to execute and run a profitable health practice.

Revenue Integrity

Prevent errors before, during as well as after the claim submission process to mitigate the chances of denials and hence improve profitability

Business Insights

Stay vigilant regarding your business standing, monitoring trends, gaps and performance highlights.

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