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At AltuMED, a leading medical billing company, we are dedicated to providing top-notch billing and coding services to healthcare providers across the USA. Our team of certified medical coders and billers is committed to helping you overcome aged receivables and insurance claim denials, ensuring you receive the maximum reimbursement for your services through our comprehensive medical billing solutions.

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AltuMED, boasting a 98% patient satisfaction rate, empowers you with medical billing solutions customized to your practice needs. We orchestrate synchronized workflows enabled by our future-proof technology platform and facilitated by our expert teams. Our goal is to help your providers stand out amongst the competition, growing and succeeding easily.

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Unlock Maximum Profitability with AltuMED's Revenue

Cycle Mastery

In today's complex healthcare landscape, every dollar counts. That's why AltuMED goes beyond traditional billing services to offer a comprehensive revenue cycle optimization solution – your gateway to maximizing profitability and financial growth.

Our battle-tested team of revenue cycle experts, armed with cutting-edge technology and proven processes, works tirelessly to eliminate revenue leakage, streamline claims processing, and accelerate reimbursements. We leave no stone unturned in our pursuit of your practice's financial success. Unleash the Power of Revenue Cycle Optimization:

  • Data-Driven Insights
  • Denial Prevention and Recovery Mastery
  • Patient Collections Optimization
  • Contract Negotiation Expertise
  • Continuous Performance Monitoring

Trust Your Billing to AltuMED, A Top Ranked Medical Billing Company with

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Clean Claim Ratio
About 97.35% First
Submission Pass Rate
Up to 30% Increase
in Revenue

Our Comprehensive Medical Billing Solutions

Our customized Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) services are highly cost-effective and provide the best value for money to medical providers across the United States.

Medical Billing Services

Streamline your medical billing process with our comprehensive services, ensuring timely reimbursements and financial success for your practice. We handle everything from patient registration and insurance verification to claim submission, payment posting, and denial management, guaranteeing accurate coding and maximizing reimbursements.

Revenue Cycle Management

Our customized RCM services are highly cost-effective and provide the best value for money to medical providers across the United States. We offer end-to-end revenue cycle management, covering everything from patient scheduling and eligibility verification to claims submission, payment posting, denial management, and reporting. Our goal is to optimize your revenue cycle, improve cash flow, and reduce administrative burdens.


We conduct thorough audits of your billing processes to identify potential errors, inconsistencies, and areas for improvement. This helps prevent revenue leakage and ensures compliance with regulations.

Credentialing Services

Simplify the complex and time-consuming credentialing process for your medical professionals and healthcare institution. Our services ensure you meet all necessary requirements, allowing you to focus on patient care.

Denial Management

Our experts analyze claim denials, identify root causes, and take proactive measures to appeal and resolve them. We help minimize revenue loss and maximize your collections.

Medical Coding

Our certified medical coders meticulously translate medical diagnoses and procedures into accurate codes. This ensures compliance with industry standards and optimizes your reimbursement rates.

Specialized Medical Billing Solutions

Our Services

Our customized Revenue Cycle Management services are highly cost-effective and provide the best value for money to medical providers across the United States.

Save Money and Streamline Operations with AltuMED's Integrated Solutions

AltuMED Medical Billing Solutions offers optimization to Medical Billing and Practice Management Processes through its advanced technology platform and tested workflows, such as:

  • Electronic Medical Record (EMR): Our user-friendly EMR system allows you to efficiently manage patient records, streamline documentation, and improve the overall quality of care.

  • Practice Management: Our intuitive practice management software simplifies scheduling, billing, and reporting, freeing up your staff to focus on patient care.

  • Patient Portal: Empower your patients with secure online access to their medical records, appointment scheduling, and communication with your practice.

  • Backup, Maintenance, Hosting, Support, Free Upgrades: We take care of all the technical aspects, including data backup, system maintenance, secure hosting, and 24/7 support. You'll also receive free upgrades to ensure you always have the latest features and functionalities.

  • Vaccine Management System: Simplify vaccine inventory management, track patient vaccination records, and streamline reporting with our specialized vaccine management system.

By choosing AltuMED, you're not just getting a medical billing service; you're gaining a comprehensive technology partner that helps you save money, improve efficiency, and enhance patient care.

Experience Medical Billing Excellence with AltuMED

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Instant Verification
Data Security
24/7 Support
Proven Results

Transform Your Billing Process

  • Smart RCM Solutions
  • Nationwide Reach, Local Expertise
  • Navigating the Complexities of Insurance
Smart RCM Solutions

Our smart Medical Billing and Practice Management software enables us to manage Medical Billing as an ongoing workflow rather than a step-to-step process.

This offers an incredible level of insight into the process helping our experts understand bottlenecks and streamline the process on the whole. Insights we get in the form of reports, help us to keep the focus on the results i.e., higher reimbursements, and higher profit margins.

Nationwide Reach, Local Expertise

AltuMED proudly serves healthcare providers across the entire United States. No matter where your practice is located, our team of billing experts is ready to deliver tailored medical billing solutions that meet your specific needs.

We understand the nuances of regional billing regulations and have established strong relationships with payers in all 50 states. This ensures that your claims are processed efficiently and accurately, regardless of your location.

Navigating the Complexities of Insurance

We have extensive experience working with all major insurance providers, including Medicare and Medicaid. Our deep understanding of the intricacies of insurance billing allows us to optimize your claims for maximum reimbursement.

We stay up-to-date with the latest changes in payer policies and regulations, ensuring that your practice remains compliant and your revenue stream is protected. Whether you're dealing with commercial payers, government plans, or a combination of both, you can trust AltuMED to handle your insurance billing with expertise and precision.



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