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Achieving Medical Billing Excellence with Synergized Technology and Processes

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AltuMED with a 98% Patient Satisfaction rate, enables you with services customized to your practice needs. We orchestrate synchronized workflows enabled by our future-proved technology platform and facilitated by our expert teams aiming to make your providers stand amongst the competition, growing and succeeding easily.

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Our Services

Our customized Revenue Cycle Management services are highly cost-effective and provide the best value for money to medical providers across the United States.

Our Services

Our Customized Revenue Cycle Management services are highly cost-effective and provide the best value for money to medical providers across the United States.

Medical Billing Excellence Through a Synergy of Technology and Processes

AltuMED Medical Billing Solutions offers optimization to Medical Billing and Practice Management Processes through its advanced technology platform and tested workflows.

AltuMED aims to tie in the concept of “Value for Service'' to our mission of executing synchronized RCM solutions for our clients.

Our exemplary Medical Billing services are neatly tied with our smart technology platform, enabling automated solutions to redundant/repetitive tasks. This progression of technology enables us to make use of analytics to evaluate and resolve Medical Billing issues.



Pain Management

Primary Care

Pathology Labs

Toxicology Labs

Biological Labs

Genetic Testing

Molecular Testing



Physical Therapy


Smart RCM Solutions

Our smart Medical Billing and Practice Management software enables us to manage Medical Billing as an ongoing workflow rather than a step-to-step process. This offers an incredible level of insight into the process helping our experts understand bottlenecks and streamline the process on the whole. Insights we get in the form of reports, help us to keep the focus on the results i.e., higher reimbursements, and higher profit margins.

Why Work With Us?

Leading the industry with more than 13 years in providing exceptional Medical Billing Services.

The A/R collection cycle surpasses the national average.

Demonstrates consistent performance levels exceeding industry standards.

Serves all specialties and stand-alone facilities.

Provides end-to-end Credentialing Support with expertise in compliance requirements (COLA, CLIA).

Expertise in coding, billing, and A/R management across all payers.

Staff with extensive experience and ongoing education on the latest reimbursement changes.

Excels in recovering revenue that other billing companies may overlook or disregard.

Improves the transparency of your Medical Billing Process through it's advanced analytics platform.

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Compliance and Certifications

We are ISO 27001 certified, maintaining the highest standards of information security to protect and safeguard your valuable data, and are fully compliant with all HIPAA and CMS regulations.

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