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With Simplest, most effective Pricing Model, PracticeFit offers these benefits to enhance Productivity.

Unlimited Claims & Scrubbing
Unlimited Eligibility & Cloud Storage
Front/Back Office Collaboration Tool
Electronic Patient Statements
Unlimited ERA with Auto Posting
Patient Scheduler
Unlimited Users with Customized Access
Practice Analytics Portal and App

PracticeFit has simplified Practice Management for me. I am relieved of the stress that kept me hooked to work 24/7, with PracticeFit I know for sure that claims submitted will be reimbursed in record time. The feature I love the most is the Practice Portal, it provides access to complete and comprehensive reporting and is the saving grace. It’s like having my own assistant in these uncertain business times.

Misha Bertorello

Practice Manager - Michigan Canton Cardiology Associates- Canton, MI

PracticeFit is easy to work with, its tech support is amazing. It enables multiple reports within few clicks and offers a smooth transition from one system to another. PracticeFit has worked great for me; I have worked on 12 different Medical billings software and EMRs in the past 25 years; so far, PracticeFit has been my favorite. Their auto-posting, claims transmission is straightforward with an efficient denial and appeal management system.

Lisa Brank

 Advanced Revenue Consultants, Harrison Township, MI

The best part of this software is that the claims are cleared before they are forwarded to the various insurance companies – My team gets instant updates if there arise any problem with any of the claim, it has decreased AR significantly 

Hashir Masud

Managing Director - Cure Medical Billing, Dallas, TX

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