Who we are?

AltuMED - Optimized Practice Health, caters to all the RCM needs of Medical Practices, Healthcare Systems as well as other Medical Billing Companies. AltuMED has been in this industry for more than 10 years, giving us an edge over the new entrants in the current market, helping us understand the market dynamics , adhere to ever changing CMS regulations and cater to the change in patient consumerism demands.

We started as a billing company, staying true to our promise of an exceptional service but being in the industry made us realize an opportunity; with the change in the healthcare market dynamics, technology advancements, evolving patient consumerism demands and a need for an integrated 360 approach towards RCM processes, we evolved into a Revenue Cycle Management IT company. With our expertise and pure industry knowledge we are capable of bringing forth an exceptional unison of technology, workflows and processes presenting a synchronized progression of RCM solutions to the Healthcare RCM industry.

AltuMED embarks on adding value to the Healthcare RCM by enabling efficient and effective solutions in sync with the industry needs, revolutionizing the healthcare RCM.

AltuMED conference room - A collaborative space where innovation thrives, delivering top Medical Billing Services and Solutions.

AltuMED aspires to be the company that provides best-of-the-breed solutions and services that enable Revenue Cycle Management to be Integrated, Real Time, and Data Driven.

Mission Statement

To help our partners execute next generation RCM practices resulting in better value for patients, right value in right time for the providers, culminating in "value for everyone" healthcare landscape

Our Values

01. People Focused

We value and promote positive relationships with colleagues, customers and the public and are responsive to their needs.

03. Trustworthy

We act with integrity, impartiality and openness and in the best interests of the public.

02. Professional

We deliver on our commitments by applying the highest levels of expertise, conduct and personal responsibility.

04. Innovative

We actively embrace change and bring new ideas to deliver excellent services for our customers and better outcomes for the public.

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