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  • Increasing Your Revenue
  • Addressing Your Specific Needs
Increasing Your Revenue

Solutions for Maximized Revenue Cycle

Financial Sustainability: For hospitalists, accurate and timely billing is essential. Keeping up with complex coding rules, complying with payer requirements, and managing denials can drain time and resources away from patient care.

Comprehensive Hospitalist Billing: AltuMED offers services designed to optimize your revenue cycle.

Intricacies of Coding: Our experts handle billing, denial management, and compliance to help you streamline your operations so that you can focus on delivering exceptional inpatient care.

Addressing Your Specific Needs

Addressing Your Specific Needs

Tailored to Your Practice's Size: Whether you're a small group or a large hospital, we scale our solutions to match your needs.

Integration with Your Systems: We seamlessly work with your EHR and practice management software.

Transparent Reporting: Full visibility into billing health with real-time metrics.

End to End Hopitalist Billing Solutions

Thorough, Accurate Hospitalist Coding

Our certified coders ensure precise capture of your services' complexity using the latest coding guidelines. We scrutinize documentation and assign codes that fully reflect patients' conditions, comorbidities, procedures performed, and hospitalist time/decision-making intensity. Accurate coding protects you from underpayments and audits.

Proactive Payer Management

We stay up-to-date on changing payer policies, pre-authorization rules, and billing nuances across your contracts. This allows us to prevent avoidable denials before they happen and secure maximum reimbursement for your hospitalist group. Our payer operations experts are your advocates.

Streamlined Claim Submission

Claims go through a rigorous scrubbing process to fix any errors before submission to payers. We tailor claim formats, attachments, and submission methods to each payer's preferences for cleaner processing and faster payment cycles. Fewer denials mean less time spent revisiting old claims.

Detailed Revenue Cycle Analysis

Through custom reporting and dashboards, we provide visibility into key performance indicators across your revenue cycle. Identify under-coding trends, productivity metrics, aging A/R, denial patterns and more. These insights enable data-driven decisions to streamline operations and boost profitability.

Ongoing Regulatory Compliance

Our team stays current on regulatory changes from CMS, OIG, and licensing boards to ensure your billing remains compliant. We implement approved policies and safeguards to protect your reputation and steer clear of penalties and liabilities related to fraud, abuse, or privacy violations.

Let's Talk About Optimizing Your Hospitalist Billing!

AltuMED's Hospitalist Billing Services enable you to dedicate your resources to patient care while we ensure a smooth and profitable revenue cycle. Experience the difference a dedicated specialist can make.

The AltuMED Advantage for Hospitalist Billing

Hospitalist Billing Domain Expertise

Cutting-edge Billing Tech and Analytics

Scalable Solutions for Practices of All Sizes

Meticulous Compliance Processes

Dedicated Account Management

Free Your Focus, Improve Your Bottom Line

At AltuMED, our hospitalist billing solutions are designed to maximize revenue capture while minimizing administrative strain. Our experts work as an extension of your team, allowing you to reallocate resources towards exceptional patient care.

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