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There is only one way to choosing a Practice Management Software Choose AltuMED PracticeFit

With any other PMS Software

You pay setup cost

You get no transition support

You get support only through emails

6 Months into it you find that its not working for you

So the search begins AGAIN!


With PracticeFit

You get your first subscription COMPLETELY FREE, for life

You avail warm unlimited multichannel support through knowledgeable support team

You Continue aligning your Medical Billing Process with our software

You like 98% of the clients who availed their free subscription with us, are more likely to continue using PracticeFit

You Continue using the software that you would have come to love

Why not sign up?

Its doesn’t cost you anything!

We guarantee that you will continue to use PracticeFit for all your billing needs because 98% of such subscribers did the same.

Wouldn’t you?

  1. AI enabled Scrubber with over 4 Million Edits      
  2. 98% First Time Acceptance Rate     
  3. 94% Accuracy in Denial Prediction      
  4. Intelligent AR/Denial Management/Claim Tracking Operational Dashboards     
  5. 5000+ Payers Integrated     
  6. Multiple EHRs Pre-Integrated

Still not sure about choosing PracticeFit?

Here is a glimpse of how the software functions!

Have any questions or want to learn more about PracticeFit? Why not schedule a live demo with our experts?

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