Why is Credentialing and Enrollment important for your Medical Practice?

Saying that "Every single day at a medical practice is hectic" would be an understatement. Patients today expect their doctor's full attention. Besides taking care of patients, doctors have many administrative tasks. They are already overburdened. So they can't manage their credentialing and enrollment documents too.

Credentialing and enrollment are time-consuming tasks. A delay in this process can lead to more than just lost revenue. It can mean that doctors can't treat patients with certain insurances for a while. This can cause loyal patients to leave. Losing these patients can be more costly than completing the credentialing and enrollment process.

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Why should a Medical Practice use our Practice Credentialing and Enrolment Status template?

To stay competitive, insurance providers enroll in many health plans. Each enrollment application needs several verification documents. Setting this up takes over 10 hours and another 3 to 5 hours each time the information needs updating.

Medical practices pay more attention to how long it takes to complete credentialing and enrollment. They rely too much on provider response time and need a central system to manage this process. This leads to many payment issues.

Our Credentialing and Enrollment template helps your practice avoid these problems. The template has two main parts. The demographics tab asks for your facility's details and credentials. The payers' tab helps you keep track of payer details. Most payers in the Michigan USA area are included, but you can edit the sheet as needed.

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Practice Credentialing and Enrollment Status Template

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AltuMED Medical Billing Solutions is the Credentialing and Enrolment Specialist. Feel free to contact us for any questions or queries about the attached template or if you want to inquire about the Credentialing and Enrollment services.

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