Choosing Practice Management Software: Bundled or Unbundled (PMS & EHR)?

Medical offices need software for billing and daily tasks. Due to the Affordable Care Act of 2020, more EHR vendors came into the market.

Now, offices have two choices:

  • A software package with both Practice Management Software (PMS) and EHR,
  • Separate software for each.

Which Software is Better: Bundled or Separate?

This is a big question because providers, doctors, and staff use both types of software daily. While bundled software might seem easy, offices should focus on the result, not just ease of use. If bundled software helps with work and boosts productivity, it's good. But if the PMS part doesn't improve efficiency, separate software might be better.

When choosing any software, offices should know that even a great EHR can't make up for missing features in the PMS. They should look for software that automates tasks and increases efficiency. This will result in error-free billing processes and improved productivity.

Another reason offices might choose bundled software is fear that EHR vendors might limit access to clinical data. But this fear will likely fade due to new Mandated Interoperability rules, requiring EHR vendors to share data as needed.

In short, the decision to choose bundled or separate software should depend on what suits the business model best. The focus should be on the end goal: better office performance and increased profitability.

AltuMED PracticeFit is a Medical Billing Software that optimizes the claim life cycle and also enables integrations with industry leading EHRs but unlike others, we do not push the bundled solution on our clients. We educate them about the difference and let them choose which approach best suits their business. If you are wondering about getting a separate PMS or getting an integrated solution you may contact us.

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