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Lab Billing Analysis: What to expect from your Medical Billing Partners?

As a clinical lab in the USA, efficient and accurate billing processes are crucial for maintaining financial stability and optimizing revenue generation. Regular lab billing analysis conducted by your medical billing partners ensures transparency, identifies areas for improvement, and enhances overall financial performance. In this blog post, we will discuss the key components that you should expect from your medical billing partners during a comprehensive lab billing analysis every six months.

Days in Accounts Receivable (AR)

One of the fundamental aspects of lab billing analysis is assessing the average number of days it takes to collect payments from insurance companies or patients. Your medical billing partners should provide you with a detailed analysis of Days in AR. This metric indicates the efficiency of your billing processes and helps you identify any delays or potential issues that require attention.

AR Buckets

A comprehensive lab billing analysis should include an assessment of your accounts receivable categorized into different buckets based on the age of the balances. Your billing partners should provide you with an overview of these AR buckets, which enables you to identify aging accounts and implement targeted strategies for follow-up and collections. This approach helps optimize revenue and maintain a healthy cash flow.

Denial Categories

Understanding the reasons for claim rejections is crucial for effective revenue cycle management. Your medical billing partners should analyze denial categories and provide you with a breakdown of the primary reasons for denials. This information empowers you to address issues such as front-end denials, back-end denials, and coding-related denials. By focusing on these categories, you can develop strategies to reduce denials and improve overall revenue performance.

By Test Analysis i.e Best and Low Performing CPTs

In lab billing analysis, it is essential to evaluate the performance of different Common Procedural Terminology (CPT) codes specific to lab analysis. Your billing partners should provide a comprehensive breakdown of the high- performing and low-performing CPT codes, considering both volume and revenue. This analysis helps you identify tests that contribute significantly to revenue generation and those that may require attention or adjustments. It enables you to make informed decisions regarding resource allocation and revenue optimization strategies.

Cost per Test/Profitability per Test

To ensure financial viability, understanding the cost per test and profitability per test is crucial. Your medical billing partners should conduct a detailed analysis of the cost incurred for each test and compare it against the revenue generated. This assessment provides insights into the profitability of individual tests and helps you make informed decisions regarding pricing, resource allocation, and overall financial performance improvement.

Regular lab billing analysis conducted by your medical billing partners is essential for maintaining financial stability and optimizing revenue in clinical labs. By expecting a comprehensive report every six months that includes analysis of Days in AR, AR buckets, denial categories, by test analysis of CPT codes, and cost/profitability per test, you can gain valuable insights into your lab's billing performance.

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