HIPAA Compliance Proposed Changes: A Feature for Medical Billing Companies

Mitigate Compliance Discrepancies and Optimize Medical Billing Process

Maintaining data integrity is one of the foremost concerns of medical practices. A data breach or violation of HIPAA regulations results in huge financial penalties. It can cause permanent brand defamation, and, worst of all, the loss of patients' trust in your practice. AltuMED understands the seriousness of this need and is HIPAA-compliant.

We will maintain all aspects of your RCM processes with HIPAA security regulations. But we will also advise on making your practice a HIPAA-compliant entity. The data we obtain while working with our clients is processed. We keep compliance requirements under check. Each of our clients has been made to sign the HIPAA agreement, thus mitigating any discrepancy. To keep true to our promise, we keep a firm eye on industry changes in this regard.

Changes Proposed to the HIPAA Privacy Rules

HHS has proposed changes to the HIPAA Privacy Rules. These changes can reduce regulatory burdens on the healthcare industry.

Among the features of the proposed changes are:

  • Greater family and caregiver involvement in the care of individuals experiencing emergencies.
  • Enhance flexibilities for disclosures in public health emergencies, such as COVID-19.

This rule will reduce the burden on physicians. These changes are necessary to enhance the coordination of care.

Some of the more interesting features of the proposed rule that will have a direct impact

on providers are:

  • Faster Response Time: Companies must respond in 15 days instead of 30 days. They can ask for 15 more days if needed.
  • Easier Identity Check: It's easier for people to prove their identity if someone is asking for their information.
  • Sharing Records: Physicians must share records with other doctors when patients ask.
  • Free Electronic Records: People should get their electronic health information for free.
  • Sharing with Help Services: Health information can be shared with social services.
  • Good Faith Standard: Doctors can use information if it's in the patient's best interest. unless there is proof they are acting in bad faith.
  • Preventing Harm: Health information can be shared to prevent serious and likely harm. It's not an immediate danger.
  • No Written Receipt Needed: Patients don't need to sign a paper. Saying they received the privacy notice from their doctor.
  • Fee Information Online: Companies must post estimated fees on their websites. They must also provide detailed fee estimates if asked.

This is only a proposed change, but many aspects show to make it into the final rule. As with any proposed change, you should not take any action right now. But you must be aware of these changes and be ready when the final rule is published.

Changes Proposed to the HIPAA Privacy Rules

Enhancing Profits

Non-compliance costs more than twice the cost of maintaining or meeting compliance requirements. The average cost for organizations that experience non-compliance problems is $14.82 million. Handling such requirements is the foremost priority at AltuMED. We Understand the HIPAA regulations. Thus, we have maintained the standard for the last 10 years without any hiccups.

Data Managing Practices

AltuMED Billing Software has a strong security system as per HIPAA regulations. Moreover, patient data in the system has been coded and kept secure. Every team member has to sign the HIPAA agreement before using it. We understands that to maintain compliance, teams need to understand each other's roles. Like a finance member needs to be in liaison with a person from the clinical side to maintain the need. AltuMED, thus, offers appropriate training to meet this gap.

Building Patient Trust

AltuMED's advanced technological systems allow practices to maintain clear communications between patients. This transparency builds trust in your patients in maintaining business with your practice

Helping You Achieve "HIPAA-Compliant" Status

AltuMED is HIPAA-compliant. Partner with us to streamline your RCM processes. This will allow you a stress-free practice where you can focus on giving 100% to your patients. Our team of experts will handle your processes as per compliance requirements. We will take you through the requirements step-by-step and take timely action. We will enable you to maintain compliance requirements with all your processes.

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