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Changes brought forth by the Patient Reminders in the Healthcare Industry

How Patient Appointment Reminders are Changing the Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry is greatly affected by the appointment reminders for patients. Conventional methods of making sure that the patient would show up on the appointments were rather hectic and demanded lots of effort as they required the receptionists or anyone responsible to spend hours calling all the patients to remind them about their appointments. Usually, the patients would not show up after the calls too, either due to forgetfulness or because of their inability to reschedule a meeting. The no-show is rather detrimental for the healthcare industry as it causes revenue loss per year. The newly introduced methods of patient reminders are not only making sure that the patients show up but also engages them, makes communication better which as a result brings patient satisfaction.

Patient reminders are now given through various ways- emails, texts, calls and the patient can choose the type which is most suitable to them. This makes it less likely for them to miss an opportunity to see the notifications or attend calls because even if they are busy during work or in a meeting, a visual reminder in text form can be accessed easily if phone calls are not attended.

There are various benefits of patient reminders to the healthcare industry:

Higher Productivity: No one is any longer required to spend hefty amounts of hours tracking down the patients one by one, rather it is made possible for them to participate in other productive chores.

Avoid No-shows: When the patients are constantly reminded (a week before, or multiple times before the appointment) they are constantly reminded to take out time for the appointment or reschedule; this, as a result, ensures there are no “no-shows” and prevents excessive revenue and time loss for the healthcare providers.

Higher Engagement: With constant reminders, patients are bound to visit the clinic more frequently which boosts their engagement with the doctors and helps them maintain their health by keeping it under constant check.

Higher Profits: Consequently, with reduced no-shows, the revenue for the healthcare industry improves and patients usually follow second rounds of appointment sessions which brings more money into the system.

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