Have a Seamless and Efficient Collaborative Interface

Have to go through the whole mailbox to look for the certain team billing query? Does a particular patient information/question gets lost in the string of mails? AltuMED simplifies the whole communication process by its collaboration portal. It is the ideal back to front office collaboration (vise versa) and practice health analytics platform. Our practice portal eliminates the need for excessive emails to communicate requirements reducing clutter and provides an integrated platform where users can have access to all the details they require. It connects billing team to clinical teams reducing errors, making requirements clear and thus smooth lining the whole RCM process.

Practice Portal enables:

Visual Representation of a Graph Practice Portal enables: Lesser emails, Less meetings, Satisfied Employees, Les Search Time Needed, More Productivity

*The number show an aggregate of impact across our client portfolio

Practice Portal to Collaboration Portal

AltuMED's Practice Portal, enables end to end financial visibility and keeps your practice status transparent for all stakeholders. It provides you a clear picture of your revenue cycle financials, pinpointing exactly where the revenue leakages are, advising on what actions to take to prevent them, predicting the trend for future cases and mitigating revenue losses in the long run. With its predictive analytical dashboards and an all inclusive collaborative interface, it keeps your teams linked with one another, with the patients and also with the industry dynamics.

Patient Responses on Post Service Medical Bills

Circular Visualization of Patient Responses on Post Services Medical Bills

Source: Commonwealth Fund

Draw Comprehensive Business Analytics

AltuMED believes in measuring business through strong facts and KPIs. We strive to align your practice with the industry benchmarks, with our portal draw valuable business insights, whether you have a small set up or an extensive practice. Have a clear picture of your revenue cycle data and make informed, productive decisions. AltuMED's practice portal enables you the right tools for all this. Practice Portal offers:

Business Insights

Real time reports and a daily business status update facilitating your decision making process along with comprehensive what if analysis

Monitor KPIs

Efficient, time bound and comprehensive look at your KPIs as well as RCM parameters

Practice Portal to Collaboration Portal

A user friendly dashboard with easy to use tools ensuring that all team members can utilize Practice Portal and draw respective insights

Revenue Cycle requires

a certain Synchronization of Information

The timely interaction between back and front office along with the sharing of information between them, is important for a successful RCM process. Our Collaboration Portal enables this interaction, bringing about a much needed synchronization in the following ways

Payment Portal

Payment collection at the front office, being able to see and print statements through the portal.

Automatic Alerts

Alerts to the front office about actions needed with regards to patients at the time of service. Get comprehendible reports, automatic alerts and recursive reminders promoting team work enabling a quick, clean and easy decision making process.

Eligibility Checks

Being able to check eligibility through web and mobile app can help reduce the eligibility or authorization related denials.

Track-able Interface

Avoiding emails/calls and hence point fingering. Resolving queries about pending claims through a digital/track-able ticketing system like interface.

Knowledge is Power

Financial Transparency can Transform your Practice!

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