Practice Growth And Digital Marketing

Digital Medium a Daunting Dilemma

Medical practices are already worked up meeting with healthcare service requirements, CMS regulations and increasing patients demands in the best possible way. They are unable to spare time worrying about increasing patient foot fall, patient acquisition or search engine optimization. The era of social media platforms can be intimidating and difficult to adapt for your practice, presenting a social age dilemma no matter how important it may be for you to get your brand out there. Brand recognition and presence is highly profitable in today's healthcare market. If utilized properly, practices can increase the number of potential patients who find you regardless of which way they look.

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Brand Recognition essential for Practice Success

As per a research, patients are 60% more likely to trust physicians that are online verses those who are not. 81% of patients considers a physician with an active online presence to be more cutting edge. An astounding77% of new patients search online and read review prior to booking an appointment whereas just 53% of medical practices have a face book page. It was founded that a 32% of social media users utilize social platforms to post about their friends or family healthcare experience. Adding it to 97% of US adults under 65 are on social media maximum time of their week. The numbers are speaking for themselves.

Physicians Online Presence

A graph shows the physicians’ online presence illustrating the benefits of successful brand recognition for their Medical Practices.

*As per a research by “Social media in nursing education, patients

Modern Era with evolved rules of Patient Consumerism

The above facts clearly depict how the target patients for your medical practice have evolved over time. To meet up with this modern era of Patient Consumerism, you cannot simply rely on the traditional "word of mouth" or print medium to talk about your brand but a much digital, dynamic and current trend is to be followed. AltuMED understands this change in healthcare market landscape and offers a strong digital presence for your practice that not only gives visibility to your brand but will also give your practice an identity that will help patients associate themselves with your business even before they utilize your services. AltuMED digital marketing strategies will enable you to attract and retain profitable patients therefore enhancing the overall profitability of your practice.

An illustration of a modern era in which all the nodes of social media platforms are connected to the computer pointing towards the evolution of patient consumerism

Augment Brand Image, Acquire Potential Patients and Amplify Profits

AltuMED is capable of keeping your practice relevant and accessible. AltuMED understands that your potential patients are looking for you online and that they will remember a more user friendly experience through which they are able to book appointments, follow up on them, gain other care service related insights, compare quality of service and offer their own feedback. AltuMED synergizes your digital media presence, helping you saving operational costs which can be used to provide better quality service for your patients. AltuMED offers:

Custom website design and development

Search Engine Optimization

Local SEO

Content Marketing

Social Media Management

Reputation Management

Digital Marketing Campaigns



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