Worried about RCM Software Transitioning Hassle

Transitioning to a new medical billing software(revenue cycle management software) is always resource intensive. AltuMED offers easy transition with 360-degree support, 100% free of cost.

100% Initial Transition Support | 100% Data Transparency

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AltuMED PracticeFit Features

CoLab - Coordination Platform
Readily Available Business Insights
Cloud Technologies
Industry Leading Scrubber
Integrated Payments
Robust / Integrated Software
360 Practice View
Provider Portal
Patient Engagement Tools
Online Patient Payment facility
Performance KPIs
Practice Relationship Management

User-Friendly, Simple and Cost-Effective Software for your Billing Troubles.

Provide Time Effective and Resourceful Billing Solutions to your Practices

Relieve yourself from technological hassles with a streamlined billing process, saving time and energy otherwise spent in redundant administrative jobs.

Avoid Revenue Leakages by Proactively Managing Performance Bottle-Necks

Monitor Medical Billing performance of your entire portfolio of practices with customized strategic KPIs pinpointing bottle necks in performance.

Experience Great Communication and Build Flawless Contact with your Practices

Frictionless communication ensures reduced clutter and clear requirements, smooth lining the whole RCM process.

Sign Up for Free and find out more – After all It doesn't cost a penny and the value it offers enhances your financials significantly

Empower your Business with our Expertise

Customized Tools

Utilize our complete billing software or use some of the required components, we comply as per your needs.

Diverse Knowledge

Our diverse industry knowledge and capable teams understand the market requirements and will work alongside your staff.

Fair Price Model

Our Pricing model is a simple one, we do not offer multiple packages.

Global Delivery

Our strengths include service delivery at a global level, helping you cater to your business goal with ease and composure.

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Lets work together to help your practices your Practices reduce their AR days, shorten claims process time, resolve operational issues, prevent revenue losses and instill productivity