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A Perfect Unison of Revenue Cycle Processes and Technology

The ever shifting dynamics of RCM landscape pressurizes healthcare providers and healthcare revenue companies to bring forth diversified technologically advanced solutions. To maintain a competitive edge, there is a need to innovate solutions in a way that their overall equity increases without any compromise on their service quality. AltuMED understands this growing urge to be different yet staying relevant. Our technology platform enables RCM processes with a perfect unison of people, processes, workflows and highly rhythmic interactions between them. Our technology platform implements this process by synchronizing transactions, between all these to create a whole greater than its parts.

A Corridor of a Medical Practice or a Clinical Lab

Stepping from Automatic to Automagic - A Revolution In RCM Processes

AltuMED takes the RCM process beyond Automation. Where the industry is standing at automation , we are at smart automation and moving towards automagic solutions to RCM. Imagine your RCM processes being taken care off without any manual intervention, that is what AltuMED is striving to achieve. Having a robust platform containing extensive, learned and tested processes with a deep knowledge base in the industry, allows AltuMED not just to stand on the center of clients expectations, but move beyond. Our technological solutions will enable smart assignment of tasks, auto management of claims and intelligent denial management requiring zero manual intervention. It will take care of time and effort consuming tasks with optimization, making the RCM process automagical.

Automation Enables

Circular Visualization of Automation Impact - $150 Billion Savings and $14 Trillion Revenue Addition

Source: Accenture

Keeping AI & ML in Accord with Breakthrough

Automated Systems

AltuMED introduces a technology platform that comprises of advance, seamless solutions to the current RCM issues, providing the right amount of connectivity and synchronization for all users. Our advanced data management capabilities allow us to make available data more coherent and useful enabling us exceptional predictive and analytical tasks. The AI&ML techniques allows us to utilize this data to innovate solutions around prediction and analytical model building. With prediction techniques we can foretell what claims will likely be denied, how much collections will be made and the future workload management patterns. Our platform is also enabled with the capabilities of self learning and self correcting without a very heavy human intervention.

Visual Representation of Interconnected Brain Network Symbolizing AI & ML in an Automated System


Have a look at our exceptional offerings

  • Altumed PracticeFit
  • Practice Portal
  • Eligibility
  • Scrubber
  • Patient Relationship Management
Altumed PracticeFit

AltuMED PracticeFit

AltuMED PracticeFit boosts the performance of your practice, helping clients to get paid proficiently and efficiently. Our machine learning capability allows us to grow smarter over time with each case, offering short term as well as long term benefits. It works on the principle of removing human effort, replacing it with automated, digital solutions allowing businesses to redirect their resources to improving overall healthcare.

Practice Portal

Practice Portal

Our Practice Portal is the ideal back to front office collaboration (vise versa) and practice health analytics platform. Whether you have a small set up or an extensive practice, you need to have a clear picture of your revenue cycle data in order to be able to conduct insights and draw informed, productive decisions; with AltuMED's Collaboration portal you have the right tools for all this.



AltuMED also offers a separate, stand alone platform to its clients to verify patients eligibility, its automated API based integrated solution helps reduce costs, safe time and minimize effort. Reducing the biggest challenge companies face these days, AltuMED allows automated eligibility verification of most of the cases even before the claim process starts resulting in efficient and effective RCM processes.



Scrubber allows you to eliminate under-charges and reduce denials by consistently submitting cleaner claims the first time around. It helps in reducing AR days and denial prevention. Our automated claim analytical processes and continuous improvement techniques allows scrubber to be able to prevent or correct errors in claims before submission.

Patient Relationship Management

Patient Relationship Management

AltuMED understands that to succeed in today's demanding industry with ever challenging trends one need to have exceptional relationship with their clients. AltuMED offers you a Patient Relationship Management which will allow you to collaborate with your patients on real time basis, helping them understand what is required of them, gaining their trust and giving them the satisfaction that they are being served fairly and are kept informed respectfully in the best possible manner.

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