Get Transparent, Metric Driven and

Automated RCM Services

Instill Transparency, Be Competitive!

Instill integrity into your RCM processes and be high on gaining your patients trust in your services, with AltuMED get transparent, metric driven and automated. AltuMED RCM services aim to take care of all your billing worries by offering an experience exclusive to your practice needs. Mitigating discrepancies and adding value on every step of the claim life cycle AltuMED helps your brand equity grow keeping you in compliant and working with you to safe guard your data, drawing intelligent analytics and helping in decision making processes at transactional and strategic level.

AltuMED Information Desk for Medical Billing Services and Solutions for Medical Practices and Clinical Labs

Maximize Reimbursement with Zero Worries!

Increase revenue inflow by filling in service gaps utilizing CMS certified healthcare service procedures. With AltuMED unearth revenue enhancing opportunities and regain money stuck in the RCM process. AltuMED, a 2020 MIPS registry takes regulatory worries off your hands and leaves you stress free for your patients, our team having expertise in medical coding and well versed in meeting credentialing requirements ensures error free, compliant and certified claim processing. AltuMED helps your practice with all your data needs, from compiling, drawing actionable analytics, submitting to CMS as well as audit support. Getting you full reimbursement for the services you offer

Wooden Stairway - Ascending to Improved Medical Billing Solutions

Assist, Accommodate and Automate!

Reducing operational, managerial and regulatory burdens, AltuMED assists your staff by taking off mundane tasks from their hands and letting them concentrate on more pressing needs. Monitoring, correcting and controlling every claim in process from the start of its life cycle to when its value is reimbursed, adding value along way, scrubbing for errors and presenting automatic alerts on predictive analysis with actionable data statistics. AltuMED optimizes, synergizes and instills a perfect cadence into the revenue cycle management process.

Circular Visualization of Performance Metrics: 44.5% Collection Rate, 85% Resolve Rate, 95% Net Collection

*This reflect an average KPI number for last 18 months

With a Revenue Realization Rate of 98.6%, AltuMED enables

Robust, real time and data driven approach towards all RCM processes

Composed and educated start

to every claim process

Managing change with poise in this ever evolving RCM healthcare landscape

Growing gracefully with high competition and ever demanding CMS regulations

Increasing revenue inflows by

plunging service gaps

Integration and easy communication between teams, both internal and external

Flexible solutions exclusive

to each practice requirements

Predictive analytics with

comprehendible actionable


Proficient and proactive actions to hiccups that may delay claim process.

Long-term Process Improvement with

Technology backed Systems

AltuMED brings best in RCM services backed by our own health IT platform meaning

Lower no of Vendors to deal with

Practice Digital Maturity

Competitive Advantage

Seamless Integrations,

Predictable Business.

Adding accuracy, efficiency and intelligence to your RCM Processes, AltuMED offers the following services

  • Managed Medical Billing
  • Credentialing & Enrollment
  • MIPS Consulting
  • Practice Management BPO Services
  • Practice Growth & Digital Marketing
Managed Medical Billing

Managed Medical Billing

AltuMED allows your practice a boost, from patient scheduling, eligibility checks, insurance verifications, coding checks, denial and appeal management to post service follow up with exclusive dashboards and portals keeping your data transparent and drawing efficient and fast predictive analysis on individual claim process. Allowing timely proactive actions and preventing revenue losses.

Credentialing & Enrollment

Credentialing & Enrollment

Having an experienced team, enabling you a through credentialing and enrollment service is essential to ensure a safe practice and also helps mitigate financial losses, maintaining competitive edge. AltuMED's robust systems incorporates all the credentialing requirements offering a complete Credentialing and Contracting Service for it valued clientele base.

MIPS Consulting

MIPS Consulting

Boost reimbursement (+9%) and avoid Medicare pitfalls. AltuMED's consultants will access the service gaps, advise on the requirements, provide on-demand education analytics, monitor the financial returns and provide powerful technologically advanced solutions catering to your RCM needs in a superb manner. Our expertise equips medical practice with the necessary tools, knowledge and techniques to manage the changing CMS requirements.

Practice Management BPO Services

Practice Management BPO Services

Struggling with Miscoding or Up-coding? AltuMED provides a complete RCM package with an expert team of highly credentialed and experienced coders Practice Management BPO Services: Whether you want to utilize our complete service package or want to outsource a few components of your RCM process i.e Patient Scheduling, data entry, eligibility and pre authorization, financial reconciliation, payer and patient follow up. AltuMED is capable of complying effortlessly.

Practice Growth & Digital Marketing

Practice Growth & Digital Marketing

AltuMED pushes you to make build your brand identity, compelling you to give your best to your patients. We can help you with custom website design and development, search engine optimization, local SEO, social media management, reputation management, digital marketing campaigns, content marketing and much more.

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