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MIPS Data Management and Reporting

A Collaborated, Synchronized approach to MIPS Reporting Management

AltuMED MIPS Registry is a CMS certified registry. We enable smooth MIPS reporting and submission. Our tools and years of experience not only reduces the compliance headache but helps in maximizing incentive. With AltuMED you get:


A secure and trusted MIPS Data Management partner


Regular Updates regarding Medicare Requirements


Road Map showcasing the next steps in value-based care & optimal patient care

AltuMED MIPS Registry - Standout Features

Timely Alerts regarding Real Time MIPS activity

This helps in proactive management of performance gaps

360 MIPS Management

This caters to all aspects of MIPS for you

Pre-Validation and Submission

This helps in validating the data while submission - mitigating the chances of penalty.

Real Time System Support

Our support team is available around the clock to assist in any way required

Year Round Assertive Reporting

This helps give you a jump start making quality measures available from the very start of the business year

Revenue Impact Estimation

This helps integrate your reimbursements, showcasing the overall revenue impact from MIPS Program.

A promise to stand by you through every step of the process

Our team is available 24/7 via chat, phone or email. We prioritize our clients above all and understand the importance of quick and flaw less response time. You can also request support documentation that can assist you if you opt for self service.

Circular Visualization of Performance Metrics: 100% Penalty Avoidance, 1.7 Hours to Full-Ticket Resolution, 98% Customer Satisfaction

Minimize Administrative Burden - Give 100% of

your attention to your patients

Assistance in Data Compilation, Interpretation, Validation & Submission

HIPPA Compliant

End to End Electronic Integration

Automation of Processes

Role Management

Productivity Management

Improved Coordination

Multiple Provider Base Point Progress

Coaching and Training

Why choose AltuMED?

Registries are plenty but where they are just for the sake of reporting, we are here as being one aligns to our vision,

"AltuMED aspires to be the company that provides best-of-the-breed solutions and services that enable Revenue Cycle Management to be Integrated, Real Time, and Data Driven."

We strive to translate our vision in all our services and offerings with one main aim - improving the healthcare landscape.

We understand that doctors are best left to provide service care to their patients therefore we take such extra administrative burdens i.e. MIPS Management and Reporting off their hands, leaving them 100% to their patients.

Who can Partner with us?

Solo Practice

Earn Extra Bonus Points

Group Practices

Easy Reporting and Flawless Coordination

Health Systems

Access to Reports and Features Aligned with Hierarchy

Billing Companies

Operational Ease and Client Retention

MIPS Quality Consultants

Easy Interpretation of MIPS Data and Visualization of Trends

EHR Companies

Direct API Integration, Co-Branding and Revenue Stream

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