Worked up regarding your MIPS Requirements?

A CMS research depicted that this year, in 2021, minimum of 60 points on your MIPS Score are required to avoid negative penalties. CMS keeps up with such changes. In this ever evolving RCM healthcare landscape, to be in competition is a constant struggle that keeps several practices whether large or small concerned about meeting up with their MIPS requirements.

Some Regulatory Requirements Facts

Circular Visualization of Some Regulatory Requirements indicates 86% Regulatory Burden Survey and 96% Practices Demands Reduction in Regulatory Burden

Standout from the rest, get Maximum Reimbursement (+9%) and avoid Medicare Adjustments (-9%).

AltuMED's team of experts is well versed regarding the CMS regulations and is capable of guiding you through the ever changing MIPS requirements, preparing you for a positive score all year around. AltuMED understands the challenges, we know that no matter how hard you work, meeting requirement is a constant struggle i.e. to interpret and implement the new guidelines. Guidelines that keep on being released every year along with high penalties if requirement is not met, miss interpreted or delayed.

Circular Visualization of Performance Metrics to increase +9% Maximum Reimbursements and -9% Avoid Medicare Adjustments.

AltuMED Guarantee a 100% Penalty Avoidance Success Rate and 98% Customer Satisfaction

We take on your worries and simply them for you, leaving your efforts to your patients. AltuMED technological platform offering progressive RCM solutions, not only present clear, comprehendible and analytical data dashboards but our practice portal serves as a magnifying glass highlighting the gaps in the quality service that is causing revenue losses. More so, our patient portal allows an easy, open and transparent communication with your patients thus emphasizing long term patient relationships impacting profitability positively.

Circular Visualization illustrating that AltuMED success rate of Customer Satisfaction is 100% and Penalty Avoidance is 98%

*This reflect the highest score across our client portfolio

Now a 2021 CMS Certified MIPS Registry

We allow your practice a support system where our consultants will access your service gaps, advise you on the requirements, provide on demand education analytics, monitor the financial returns and provide powerful technologically advanced solutions catering to your RCM needs in a superb manner

End to End MIPS Management

Score Improving Consulting

Data Submission

to CMS

Training and Coaching

AltuMED Offers

Data Analysis/ MIPS Reporting Analysis

Consolidation of Data & Data Submission

Co-submission Support

Measure Selection

Submission Channel Selection

Audit Support

AltuMED - Your "Go To Firm" for MIPS Management Issues with a 99.5% success rate in dealing with the Audit.

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