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Provide efficient, transparent and integrated solutions for your practice and supersede your RCM issues. With AltuMED Billing Software and RCM services strengthen your practice's administrative, operational and financial side along with a substantial boost to your revenue cycle. Maximize reimbursements, get included in the network of insurance companies and mitigate revenue leakages while building a strong, long term relation with your patients. Not only can AltuMED cater to your billing needs but we offer to create a strong digital presence for your practice, giving you an identity, helping you grow your business in a humble yet proficient way.

Steadfast and Systematic - a key to being Successful

Keep steadfast while facing the many financial challenges that keeps you on your toes. In this ever evolving RCM healthcare landscape, where keeping up with the increasing operational, regulatory and patient retention costs which prevents a practice from maximizing reimbursements and augmenting patient satisfaction; maintain a firm control on the efficiency of your revenue cycle performance.

Exclusive to your Practice - A Complete RCM Package

AltuMED enables your practice an end to end, all inclusive RCM package. We not only offer exceptionally efficient RCM solutions but leverage our advanced technological systems, our time tested work flows and experienced teams, to enable real time, data based and integrated approach towards RCM processes. Our solutions helps you maximize revenue inflows and enables excellent patient financial care. We help enhance patient financial experience by working on patient retention strategies fostering satisfaction, loyalty and helping you grow in terms of sales as well as brand.

Grow with AltuMED

AltuMED with a 98% Patient Satisfaction rate, enables you with services customized to your practice needs. We allow synchronized workflows, integrated with our technology platform, bridged with expert teams aiming towards making your practice stand amongst the competition, growing and succeeding with ease.

*The numbers shown are an average across our client portfolio

Inculcate Excellence

AltuMED enable efficient solutions making you productive in this ever changing RCM healthcare market place.

Value Based, Compliant and Profitable

Embrace quality programs and stay well informed as per changing CMS laws.

Financial Transparency

Verify Patient Eligibility i.e. insurance criteria etc and avoid denials and lost claims.

Claim, Denial and Appeal Management

Automate the submission and verification of claims with prevention and reduction in denials via technologically advanced tools.

AR Management and Process Automation

Monitor, reduce and cater to stuck revenue and increase receivables significantly.

Revenue Integrity with Comprehensive Dashboards

Prevent errors before, during as well as after the claim submission process to mitigate the chances of denials and hence improve profitability.

Financial Clearance

Prevent surprise bills and cater to patient payment needs beyond expectations.

A win-win for everyone!

Experience Progression with:

Let us be your advocate, use our incomparable, user friendly interface OR allow us to integrate our software with the one already being used by your teams.


Efficient Reimbursement Cycle


Reports at your Finger tips



RCM Services


Charge Capture

Audit Tools


Patient Engagement Tools








Enrollment Status Updates


Online Patient Payment Facility





Robust / Integrated



Automation & Centralization

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