Managed Medical Billing

Maximize Reimbursements with a Stress Free Billing Experience

Get maximum reimbursement for the services you offer by having a thoroughly managed, synchronized and transparent medical billing process. An inaccurate billing process can lead your practice towards huge losses i.e. you lose your patients trust, you lose revenue, get immense stress, can face staffing issues. it can turn your practice into a failure with all your money stuck in the procedural gaps. The picture paints little to no future for practices with a faulty, time consuming and obscure medical billing process.

Sand Clock Porcelain representing Stress-Free Medical Billing and Maximizing Reimbursement

A Flawed Billing Process is a Failed Practice

It is estimated that approx $125 billion is left on the table by doctors in US due to billing inaccuracies. 15c of every $1 is lost in an flawed billing process. Medical billing errors are so prevalent that around 80% of medical bills are estimated to contain errors. These eye-brow raising facts not only depicts the money lost but warns about a deeper much more stern issue i.e. higher number of denials, large chucks of revenue stuck in stagnant claims, increase in AR days resulting in low practice productivity, low employee satisfaction, lower care service quality and an alarming hit on the practice's status quo.

AltuMED PracticeFit enables

Circular Visualization of Performance Metrics of AltuMED PracticeFit: 97.8% First Time Claim Acceptance Rate, 3.1% Denial Rate

*The numbers shown are an average across our client portfolio

Mitigate Discrepancies & Augment Profits

AltuMED aims to take care of all your Medical Billing worries by offering a Managed Medical Billing experience exclusive to your practice needs. Our AltuMED PracticeFit Software takes care of your reimbursements by mitigating discrepancies through a real time, data driven and integrated approach towards the billing process. AltuMED Managed Billing offers.

Patient Scheduling & Registration

Insurance Eligibility Verification

Pre-Authorization Services

Medical Coding

Claim Creation and Transmission

Payment Posting

Denial & Appeal Management

Account Receivable Management

Patient Follow UP

Let go of billing worries and give 100% attention to your patients meanwhile let us cater to all the service gaps, adding value with every step and making sure that your practice utilizes our technologically advanced systems, our 10 years worth of industry knowledge, our expert team's billing capabilities and intelligence regarding the current and future of Altumed PracticeFit.

Up-gradation, Synchronization and Integration

Ensure constant and systematic updates in-sync to your Medical Billing processes as we have our own health IT platform complimenting each of the exceptional RCM service, adding value to the whole process. AltuMED technology platform offers synchronization and seamless integration of workflows with advanced systems, enabling efficient, predictable and progressive business. We make sure that you get to deal with lower number of venders by providing a thoroughly managed medical billing service. We present to you a road map with check points ensuring methodical changes, as the research in th healthcare market brings forth new information keeping you in pace with the competition. AltuMED instills productivity, easing the operational and financial side of your business, helping you practice digital maturity successfully.

Infographics illustrating Upgradation, Integration, and Synchronization of Revenue Cycle Management

Get Efficient, Let AltuMED add Value to your Medical Billing Processes

AltuMED takes on a metric approach when it comes to meeting business requirements. Our First Time Claim Acceptance rate of 97.8% and an incredible 3.1% Denial Rate allows your practice an efficient, quick and profitable claim life cycle.

Our comprehensive dashboards allow your practice a step by step analysis of your claims in process and advise actions to make the process more efficient. AltuMED Practice Portal not only keeps the whole billing process transparent, integrated and thorough but allows easy communication between various different users.

AltuMED PracticeFit Revolutionizing RCM Healthcare

Case Studies

Helping you gain a competitive edge, AltuMED PracticeFit helps improve payment collection experience by minimizing user clicks offering integrated online payments.

Michigan Canton Cardiology Associates

Michigan Cardiology Associates

Reduce your AR days and stand out amongst the rest, partner AltuMED for 97% First Pass Resolution and ensure 98% Patient Satisfaction.

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