Simplify MIPS Reporting Complexities - Gain 9% Bonus and Avoid 9% Penalty

2020 MIPS Reporting deadline is just around the corner for which you need to score a minimum of 45 points to avoid losing 9% of your Medicare reimbursements.

2020 is a tough year MIPS wise!

  1. Penalty is Bigger (-9%)
  2. Passing Score is Higher (45)
  3. Medicare Demands Fulfillment of ALL Measures for Penalty Avoidance
  4. Use of Latest Updated EHR as per CMS is Compulsory

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Simplify MIPS 2020 with AltuMED

With AltuMED registry maximize your MIPS incentive and get the required help to keep true through the complex Medicare requirements. We help relieve your staff of the added regulatory burdens, keeping your MIPS data safe. Our HIPAA compliant, up to date MIPS data submission and reporting tools allow your practice to focus on providing the best quality healthcare without any added stressors. With our years of unmatched experience you get:

• A secure and trusted MIPS Data Management partner

• Regular Updates regarding Medicare Requirements

• Road Map showcasing the next steps in value-based care and optimal patient care

The sooner we get started, the better the score.

Why Choose AltuMED?

• Utilize Bonus Opportunities

• Inbuilt Data Validations

• Flexible Data Submission (Manual Data Entry, File Up load and API)

• Experience Easy Automated Processes

• Calculate your MIPS Score

• Get Actionable Reports to Improve Quality Service

• Counsel and Train your team for a better MIPS Score

Get expert support behind

every submission!

With 2020 we tightened pre-established checks for data validation and user guidance to avoid submission of incorrect data. We not only provide single practice data at a time but the user is able control and manage multiple practices.

What does the offer includes?

Our Registry offers lowest pricing with the following:

All Improvement Activities Supported

All PI Measures Supported

All Available MIPS CQM and ECQM Supported

It Covers all the specialties

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