Experience Exceptional Revenue Cycle Management

Improve, monitor and accelerate your RCM processes with our smart, intuitive and comprehendible technological solutions. AltuMED enables a synchronized progressive RCM that offers smooth unison of workflows with technology and RCM processes enhancing your business productivity. AltuMED's, technology platform backed processes, enables business prosperity by saving time in redundant financial tasks, reduce expenses, minimize denials and mitigate revenues losses. We offer smart utilization of resources, with human intervention only in necessary tasks, leaving you to what matters the most - offering quality service to your patients.

Overcome RCM Healthcare Challenges

Healthcare systems, no matter how organized, are usually swamped with number of financial and operational challenges that hinder their overall business performance. The change in patient consumerism demands, rise in healthcare costs, ever changing regulations, requirement to upgrade revenue models to complement new technological systems and desire to offer the best of quality care service to the patients often becomes more than they can manage. Amidst all this, AltuMED enables dynamic RCM solutions envisioning all these challenges, helping overcome them and offering much more.

Enhance Productivity with Intelligent Automation

AltuMED steers you through the challenges with a progressive approach towards revenue cycle management. Our IT health platform not only compliments and supports the services we offer but help your systems integrate, synchronize and synergize with our intelligent, automated and tested RCM healthcare solutions.

Instill productivity in your processes, fostering patient satisfaction, reducing costs and increasing reimbursements.

Be Prominent - Partner AltuMED

  • 11+ years of time tested expertise in this ever evolving RCM healthcare landscape
  • Easy Reporting and Flawless Coordination
  • Excellent Service Delivery at Global level
  • Comprehensive look into your returns and investments
  • 360 grip over Technology Compliance and Quality Implications
  • Progressive, market disrupting technology road map
  • Enabling you a conducive environment which deploys human intervention towards important task
  • Industry leading Change Management Models

A Real time, Data Based & Integrated Approach

Integrate your healthcare system with AltuMED's real time, end to end, IT health platform backed, RCM solutions to foresee, manage and overcome the never ending financial, regulatory, compliance and patient consumerism challenges:


Patient Friendly, KPI Driven Digital Platform

Embrace quality programs, accelerate payments and provide comprehensive, patient dashboards


Financial Transparency

Verify Patient Eligibility i.e. insurance criteria etc and avoid denials and lost claims.


Claim, Denial and Appeal Management

Automate the submission and verification of claims with prevention and reduction in denials via technologically advanced tools.


AR Management and Process Automation

Monitor, reduce and cater to stuck revenue and increase receivables significantly.


Revenue Integrity with Comprehensive Dashboards

Prevent errors before, during as well as after the claim submission process to mitigate the chances of denials and hence improve profitability.


Financial Clearance

Prevent surprise bills and cater to patient payment needs beyond expectations.

Experience Exemplary Revenue Cycle Management with Intelligent Features

Let us be your advocate and through a carefully managed implementation process, excessively intuitive analytical procedures, technologically advanced solutions and dynamic workflows let us help you prevent revenue leakages, foster patient loyalty and improve profits. Utilize our advanced tools for efficient process updates, providing you a clear picture of your financials at every step, improving your RCM performance.

Automated Software


Business Intelligence


Automated Payments

AI Algorithms Predicting Revenue Loss

Patient Portal

Digital Practice


Custom Reports

Automated Software

Saving Resources

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