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Credentialling & Enrollment

Credentialing and Enrollment proving to be a tedious task?

Looking for ways to reduce the stress levels, finish going through piles of printed material and manage the baffling demands of the insurance agencies, so that prime time can be spent in offering quality care service for your patients? Keeping up with credentialing and enrollment requirements can be tedious, inefficiency in the process can not only lead to loss of patients trust in your practice but it makes huge chucks of revenue slip right through your finger tips. Ensuring that your practice remains active amongst the network of insurance companies offering services to your target patients can be wearisome and if missed can lead to loss of profitable patients.

Three Persons Pushing a Metal Ball - Symbolizing Tedious Credentialing and Enrollment Process

Outsource Credentialing to enhance Productivity.

A CMS research pointed that inefficiencies in billing and insurance related activates leads to approx $183 billion excess expenditure (in United States) in an year. An average American physician spends 3.8 hours a week (the equivalent of more than 3 workweeks a year) on interactions with payers. The research pointed out that standardizing or outsourcing such services can save up to $26 billion along with 4 hours of professional time per physician per week and 5 hours of practice support staff time per week reducing burden and enhancing productivity.

Circular Visualization illustrating the fact – Outsource the Credentialing Process to Improve Productivity.

Practice Carefree Healthcare, Let AltuMED look after your Credentialing and Enrollments

AltuMED offers a team of credentialing specialists, willing to go above and beyond to provide you with excellent credentialing and enrollment administration at an unparalleled cost. Our prime is to keep our clients on board on every step. We share through weekly reports with you about your status with the insurances. Our support not just allows you a care free practice where you can focus precisely on your patients but also helps your business grow substantially by getting the contracts from insurances which have maximum patient volume and reimbursements in that specific region. AltuMED incorporates primary source check. We work with and on behalf of physicians and specialties making us exclusive, in helping you be ahead of competition.

Puzzle Shape - Practice Carefree Healthcare with AltuMED Credentialing and Enrollment Management

AltuMED Credentialing Services Includes

Credentialing and Contracting


Contract Negotiation

State License Renewal

CAQH Maintenance

NPPES Enumeration


Insurance Portal Creation

Insurance Portal Creation

Build Brand's Worth and Patient's Trust

Gain your patients trust, let us validate and verify their personal insurance documents before they join your practice and avail your service. More so, not only will AltuMED support in gaining verified patient panel but will also help get you included in the panel of maximum of insurance providers, increasing your service horizon and keeping you upbeat in their fierce competitive marketplace. AltuMED follows a thorough, KPIs induced system. The values we transfer to your practice includes:


Practicing proactive actions, by keeping your data up to date with the payers.


Being fast and proficient, by processing payments faster from insurance and getting more patient referrals.


Maximizing productivity, by mitigating revenue leakages and reducing denials with predictive analytical tools.


Prioritizing by smart and timely delegation of operational tasks, therefore avoiding excessive paperwork.


Practicing growth strategies, by building long term, transparent relationships with payers and patients.


Instilling integrity in processes, by providing real time reports and status of credentialing and enrollment transactions.

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