Practice Management BPO Services

Staffing Inaccuracies, a Practice Failure

A business grows only if the employees are kept motivated, through educating them about their purpose and reassuring their worth. Alarmingly however a general practice has a 19.1% annual employee turnover rate. As per, for 2018, over 32% of all new hires didn’t make their first year anniversary. Practices surveyed in a study anticipate growth in staffing budgets of over 30%, but only 20% intend to increase recruitment staff.

Circular visualization of Annual Employee Turnover rate 19.1% and 32% of All new hires didn’t able to complete a year.

Unattended Routine Task resulting in Major Service Gaps

The picture painted, speaks loudly about the inevitable number of times a practice will be under staffed, leaving the routine tasks unattended and causing trouble for the business overall, e.g. if the front desk employee is missing or even hired recently, it will take at least 14 days for them to be able to practice basic tasks independently, causing problems like patient scheduling, registration, follow up etc. Now expand the staffing shortages and imagine its effect on the other aspects of practice. Not only will you be left frustrated, unable to manage efficiently but will also be losing revenue by not tending to service gaps i.e. in training activities, recruitments drives, retention strategies etc.

A room space with a computer and other working stuff but there is no one to handle the work pointing towards the risk of unattended tasks.

Staffing Inaccuracies, a Practice Failure

The evolving RCM Healthcare landscape demands that the employee understands the ever so often changes required by CMS. This pressurizes the practices to organize excessive training workshops to avoid any trouble, gaining not just average personnel but working on attracting, training and retaining experts in the relevant field. AltuMED simplifies the process by offering Practice Management BPO Services including:

Patient scheduling

Data entry

Financial reconciliation

Eligibility and Pre Authorization

Practice Growth & Digital Marketing

Payer and Patient Follow up

Filling Staffing Discrepancies with not just people but Expert Knowledge

Through our services we aim to fulfill the gaps that are causing problems in your practice, eating your revenue like termite. Our BPO services are instilled with training practices, specialized workforce and a promise of a much higher employee retention rate. We do not simply offer Business Process Outsourcing but believe in taking it a step higher, offering Knowledge Process Outsourcing. Our experts with a minimum of 5 years relevant experience, are able to conduct comprehensive researches, in depth analysis of the patient/case data, advanced accountings tasks and will understand just where their exclusive capabilities are required. AltuMED adds value to your practice, complimenting your work force with our synchronized work flows and your systems with our deep AI&ML based techniques. AltuMED BPO services is the support your practice requires in today's competitive, understaffed, over demanding RCM healthcare industry.

AI Model of a human brain illustrating the knowledge and expertise in AltuMED’s Project Management BPO Services

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