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Why is Credentialing and Enrollment important for your Medical Practice?

"Every day at a medical practice is hectic" is an understatement. Due to patient consumerism, patients expect their doctor's full attention and time. Overburdened doctors struggle to manage credentialing and enrollment amid admin and clinical duties.

Credentialing delays risk revenue loss and losing loyal patients due to service interruptions. Losing patients from credentialing delays costs 10x more than completing the process

Read our blog Are you maintaining the Credentialing and Enrollment Status? to know more about the problems with an expired Credentialing status

Why should a Medical Practice use our Practice Credentialing and Enrollment Status template?

Insurance providers enroll in numerous health plans to stay competitive. Each enrollment application requires several verification documents. This process takes over 10 hours to set up, and then another 3 to 5 hours each time the information must be updated.

Practices underestimate credentialing timelines due to overconfidence in providers & lack of centralized management. This leads to numerous payment issues

Our template aids in practice credentialing and enrollment to prevent such issues. The template has tabs for demographics and credentials, each with a checklist. The payer's tab maintains payer details, pre-populated for MI but editable.

AltuMED Medical Billing Solutions is the Credentialing and Enrolment Specialist. Feel free to contact us for any questions or queries about the attached template or if you want to inquire about the Credentialing and enrollment services.

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