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Why is Credentialing and Enrollment important for your Medical Practice?

Saying that “Every single day at a Medical Practice is hectic”; would be an underrated statement. Thanks to patient consumerism, patients expect 101% of their doctor’s attention and time. Add this to other administrative and clinical tasks, Doctors/Medical Practitioners are already overburdened and can-not be expected to maintain their credentialing and enrollments documents.

Credentialing and enrollment, in itself is a resource intensive task, but a delay in this process can lead to more than loss of revenue (i.e., a period of time where doctors can’t practice care service for patients with certain insurances), it can result in loss of loyal patients. The cost of losing these patients is 10 times more than the cost of completing the Credentialing & Enrollment process.

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Why should a Medical Practice use our Practice Credentialing and Enrollment Status template?

To be competitive, insurance providers will most likely enroll in as many health plans as they can manage. Each enrollment application requires several verification documents. This process takes over 10 hours to set up, and then another 3 to 5 hours each time the information must be updated.

Medical Practices often underestimate the time it may take to get their credentialing and enrollment process complete, because of their over-confidence in provider response time and their lack of centralized credentialing and enrollment management. This leads to numerous payment issues

Our Practice Credentialing and Enrolment template provides a strong start for your practice to prevent such issues. The template has two main tabs, the demographics tab compels you to provide your facility’s details, your credentials and contains a credentialing checklist. The payers tab helps you maintain details of the payers, most of the payers for MI area are added but the sheet is editable for your use.

AltuMED Medical Billing Solutions is the Credentialing and Enrolment Specialist. Feel free to contact us for any questions or queries about the attached template or if you want to inquire about the Credentialing and enrollment services.

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