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Added and Deleted CPTs in 2024. Notable Changes to look into!! (Procedural Coding Edition)

CPT Changes Expected in 2024

Changes in Category of CPTs

2024 CPT: Dorsal SI, coronary FFR/CT/IVL, transcervical RFA, cardiac IOUS to Category I.

Anticipated CPT 2024 Code Set: New Category 1 Codes

Transcervical RFA of Uterine Fibroids

Transcervical RFA for uterine fibroids becomes Category I.

Dorsal SI Joint Arthrodesis

0775T for SI joint arthrodesis becomes Category I for percutaneous fusion under imaging. This is usually performed from a posterior approach.

27279 for transfixion across SI joint fusion, 0775T for percutaneous fusion without transfixion. This is usually performed from a lateral approach.

Coronary FFR with CT

Codes 0501T-0504T merge into a new Category I code for non-invasive FFR from AI analysis of CCTA

Coronary IVL Interventions

Coronary IVL uses sonic waves to fracture calcium in calcified coronary arteries. New Category I add-on code replaces Category III 0715T for reporting coronary lithotripsy.

Cardiac IOUS

Cardiac IOUS assess, guide surgery, and provide real-time surgical information. Four new Category I codes for reporting cardiac IOUS in cardiothoracic surgery.

Deleted Codes

Investigational procedural codes below deleted from CPT 2024:

  • 0404T: Transcervical uterine fibroid(s) ablation with ultrasound guidance, radiofrequency.
  • 0501T: Noninvasive coronary FFR assessment from CCTA using CFD software, including analysis & reporting.
  • 0502T: Noninvasive coronary FFR from CCTA using CFD software.
  • 0503T: Noninvasive coronary FFR from CCTA using CFD software for disease severity assessment.
  • 0504T: Noninvasive coronary FFR from CCTA using CFD software, including data review & reporting.
  • 0715T: Percutaneous coronary lithotripsy (List separately).
  • 0775T: Percutaneous sacroiliac joint arthrodesis with image-guided implant placement.

Changes in Reporting Guidelines for Unlisted Codes

Revisions to reporting guidelines for unlisted service codes in CPT 2024.

2024 CPT unlisted code guideline revisions. CPT established an unlisted code workgroup to evaluate use of unlisted service codes. Workgroup reviewed unlisted code use with existing codes and need for guidance.

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