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Five steps to manage the increase in Patient Footfall – A feature for Healthcare Systems post Covid_19

The breakout of covid-19 subsequently changed the conventional ways a healthcare system operated. It also brought a significant increase in the number of patients being admitted as the whole in-person services provided in a healthcare system transitioned to be online; the health providers grasped onto the most updated technology and learned about using it properly to help a greater number of patients in such uncertain times. Growth to the organization is made possible- Efforts are being made to improve patient satisfaction, communication, and the interface so that it is easy to engage with and use

Manage Higher Patient Frequency by these 5 Simples, technologically aided Ways:

  1. Que management solutions that enable the patients to easily wait in the car when they are in line to get into the appointments; it alerts them of their turn and notifies them about the people that are before them which prevents any patient from waiting in the waiting area of the clinic. This is undoubtedly an amazing way safety can be ensured for the patients as it decreases the risk of getting exposed to the virus.
  2. Better communication between the patients and healthcare providers helps the patients gain trust and feel taken care of; along with the conventional methods of calls and patient portals new technology such as chatbots, etc. Can be introduced to make sure all of the queries of the patients are being addressed and that appointments are being made in bulk without any delays.
  3. As covid-19 puts patients with chronic illnesses more at risk of fatalities, chronic care management/Digital Care can ensure that all the patients with chronic illnesses are kept at top of their health; the CMS payment program, therefore, makes sure that your healthcare organization is gaining revenues successively too.
  4. Telehealth permits the healthcare organizations to commit to patient’s health by digitization and promotes the patients getting assisted for better healthcare services.
  5. Patient outreach/follow up is also very crucial to gain more patient volume. As the times are taking mental and physical tolls on the health of people including the patients, constant reminders that the healthcare system is there for them by asking them to keep a check on their health through text messages, emails, newsletters make the patients more likely to visit the clinics to get checked in return increasing the patient volumes.

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