An Effective Blueprint for a Medical Billing Company to Increase Client Practice’s Loyalty

Your pitch went well, and the client is interested in your Medical Billing Company. What's next?

Let us share a solid way to deepen their trust. Propose a plan. Establish action points and work together to meet your client's expectations.

RCM Result Framework

Simply discussing your plans over coffee is okay, but professionalism demands presenting a proper action plan with a realistic timeline.

The RCM (Revenue Cycle Management) Result Framework is used by many successful RCM companies for better resource assessment. With this framework, you are not just sharing an action plan but a plan of care for your clients, setting SMART goals and allocating resources efficiently.

This framework keeps you accountable for delivering what you promised and keeps the client engaged and alert. It ensures both parties work together towards the desired goals.

Steps to Implement the RCM Result Framework

1. Analyze Their Business Problems and Select Which Ones to Target

Take for example a client whose

1. AR over 120 days is 54.5%

2. DAR is 85 days

3. First Time Pass Rate is 63%

4. Resolve Rate is 66%

These numbers indicate the client needs help to create an efficient billing process and maintain it.

Conduct a thorough business analysis to prioritize the problems. Understand why these issues exist and how to solve them.

2. Link the Targeted Problems with Their Correlating KPIs

Based on the identified problems, create a framework showing how and when the client will see results.

For the example above, show how you will increase their Clean Claim Submission rate, which will improve the First-Time Pass Rate. Be clear about how you will achieve this and the timeline for noticeable results.

3. Map Out the KPIs in the RCM Result Framework with a Timeline

List the KPIs on the left side of the RCM Result Framework. Work with your client to build a detailed action plan with specific deadlines.

You can download the RCM Result Framework by clicking the button below.

RCM Result Framework

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4. Deliver the Desired Results with an Optimally Timed Action Plan

A timeline-based, resource-allocated action plan keeps both you and the client clear on the requirements and focused on achieving the results. Any missed steps can be tracked, monitored, and corrected. Additionally, the plan can be adjusted to match the pace of the business.

The RCM Result Framework helps your client see you not just as a Medical Billing Company but as a partner, increasing their trust in your business and allowing you to work with confidence and comfort.

AltuMED prioritizes performance measurement processes, ensuring optimal productivity. With this METRICS driven approach, we challenge ourselves and our clients to shoot for the BEST. Set up a call with one of our experts to find out how we out-perform industry benchmarks.

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