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Eligibility, Smart Scrubbing and Claim Management

Conducting thorough checks on the financial eligibility of the patients, running their insurance's analysis and monitoring discrepancies, the eligibility checker covers all. If however any error does creeps in the data submitted, our scrubber working on deep AI&ML algorithms is capable of scrubbing errors be it coding errors, incomplete or wrong patient financial information. The software, at present, has 3.5 Million edits pre-loaded in its memory. To further streamline the process, automatic updates are issued by the clearing house to inform about the status of in-process claims.

Circular Visualization of Performance Metrics: 94% Accuracy in Prediction, 98% First Time Acceptance Rate, Scrubber over 4 million edits, Eligibility Integrated with 12 hundred payers.

Synchronized Workflows

Covering the entire billing spectrum from verifying the patient financials to working on denied or lost claims and also has a through follow-up feature for appeals. Our intuitive systems warns if a claim could be denied, taking corrective actions to prevent it but also is capable of tracking and appealing for lost or denied claims. It guides the user regarding what actions are to be taken to maximize reimbursements, bringing forth a smart RCM process that is integrated, coherent and systematic in which all the activities from the start till the end of a claim lifetime are monitored, guided, controlled and recorded for efficiency and effectiveness.

Circular Visualization of Performance Metrics: 90% Denials are Preventable, 15 cents to $1 goes to Revenue Cycle Inefficiencies

*Source: The Advisory Board

Productivity Enhancement

AltuMED PracticeFit monitors and manages the workflow throughout the life cycle of every claim being processed, gauging and improving productivity in a synchronized, intelligent and systematic way. It allows the software administer a comprehensive view of what the other users are working on and thus can assign tasks smartly without over loading any one employee. The AI based automated solution not just enhances the per employee productivity but allows a clear picture of the activities being carried out, capable of running predictive analysis with actionable data on clicks. Complementing the skills of the biller, preventing late filling and staffing issues, it's not just the automation that gives right to efficiency, it's the way our system operates that instills productivity in the processes.

Positive Productivity Impact:

Positive Productivity Impact Graph Featuring Denial Management, Payment Posting and AR Management

*The numbers shown depict the highest productivity reached within our client portfolio

Specialized Dashboards

Offering an end to end, metric based solution to the RCM process with transparency from the start till the end, AltuMED PracticeFit allows users comprehensive dashboards, giving them complete control over the transactions, providing them with comprehensive data analytics. Having dashboards at operational level enables the user to make better informed transactions, telling them what to do on day to day basis, it positively impacts the reporting mechanisms making the task assignment and decision making not just easy but highly efficient and effective. It allows focusing on high priority tasks complimenting AR management, denial management and claim tracking, inculcating intelligence in your operations.

Visual Representation of AltuMED PracticeFit Dashboard– An Ultimate Medical Billing Solution

An integrated RCM platform which centralizes different aspects of RCM transactions for a unified experience

Real Time

Presenting data in a centralized, real time fashion facilitating proactive and timely actions

Data Driven

Enabling excellence at transactional workflows and strategic bench marking levels, through smart, action inducing insights

AltuMED PracticeFit Features


AR Management

Automated ERAs


Denial Management

360 Degree View

Integrated Payments

Eligibility Checks

Claim Tracking

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